Concern Over Potential CF Challenger.

RUMOURS are whirling round Westminster regarding the whereabouts of Blonde Bombshell Robert Graham.

Often referred to as the "Boris of Bristol" owing to his charisma and maverick streak, Mr Graham has not been seen on social media since May 6th. Given how rare it is for the social media guru to take such a prolonged absence from commenting on current affairs, it is understandable that this has caused some concern.

A senior source told TBG that "With talk of a CF election soon, there will be real concern among the candidates that Robert Graham may be out of the picture. Given how invaluable his consultancy services for campaign management have been in past CF elections, it's hard to imagine this election going ahead without his valuable input."

By Robert Graham's own admission, he is "incredibly up to date, fluent and has a large political knowledge base." Tory Youth members should all be hoping that this is no more than a temporary absence.