CF Poll: Mo Metcalf-Fisher on Course for Tory Youth National Victory.

We've had 359 respondents to our 24 hour ‪‎CF‬ snap poll with 91.4% being a ‪Conservative Future member.

'OTHERS' option polled at 19.4% with some interesting names in there including Ed Hallam, Nadim Muslim, Robert Graham, James Price, Jenny Huynh and Ainsley Harriet but the activist with 10% of the 19.4% is Isaac Duffy; putting him a close 4th behind Luke Springthorpe as members' preference for the top job in CF.

Some respondents spoiled there ballots: "All are awful, someone from outside the cliche please", "None of the above, how on earth did you decide that this clique would run for it?" and "Whoever promises to abolish CF" were some of the comments.

More Analysis to follow...