Cambridge University Tory Bash Sees Potential Challengers.

THIS past weekend saw the kick off of one of the Conservative Future (CF) calender's most talked about social events of the year - the CUCA Chairman's ball.

Members from all the the country gathered to celebrate within the luxury setting of Westminster College. So exclusive was the event, that those wishing to go had to submit 'applications' some TWO WEEKS ahead of the big kick off.

TBG understands that among the variety of tasty dishes offered, both salmon caviar and delicious beef medallions were served to hungry punters.

One young Tory observer said: "I loved having the excuse to throw on my new tux. I was amazed at the turnout from across the country. The booze on offer was top notch."

TBG has been tipped that the CUCA ball is not only a vital social event, but an opportunity for potential CF leadership candidates to mingle ahead of the what looks to be summer leadership elections.

In attendance were a number of CF big beasts including National Executive Members Stephen Canning and Annabelle Shaw whilst London CF's Chief, Luke Springthorpe also made a surprise appearance.

The same thirsty punter said: "It was nice to see new and old faces. Canning's a nice chap, but the TOWIE gag is getting a bit boring and it's hard to pin him down politically."

Another said, "I've been on a couple of campaign events in London where Luke Springthorpe has been running the show, so it was nice to catch up with him in a more chilled out setting. Sometimes he comes across as a bit too serious, but he was much more friendly tonight. He had a gorgeous bow tie on too."

"I can't wait for next year!"