Monday, 29 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE: CWF Plunged Into Data Theft Row.

The CWF Website may also be scamming your information

CONSERVATIVE WAY FORWARD (CWF), a pressure group and campaign tool for the Conservative Party, is at the centre of a huge storm over data theft of Conservative Future (CF) activists and visitors to their website page which shows the newly elected representatives of its organising committee, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Since TBG last reported on a potential data leak within the CF National Executive and this data being used for outside projects by its Members, TBG can reveal we have seen more evidence of activists receiving campaign material via email from other now elected representatives of the CWF committee without giving any particular candidate their information for such correspondence.

Some visitors to the CWF website were met with a warning by various firewall providers which are more suited to dodgy 18+ websites. The warning though seems serious & stark, it included the scamming of personal and financial information.

It's yet unknown how deep this scandal may go or affect the organisation going forward.

Oh Chairman Where Art Thou?

Canning is keeping shtum on CF National Chairman role

AS gossip over the upcoming CF elections continues to spiral out of control, TBG has yet to have confirmation of any official declarations.

Our recent poll, that saw a surprise surge for outsider Mo Metcalf- Fisher, has yet to of led to any formal announcements. Mo, who was spotted at a Young Conservatives event in East Berlin this weekend, has not given any sign of his plans. Canning and Springthorpe also appear set on keeping their cards close to their chests.

One concerned CF member said - "As per usual, we have no idea of what's happening. Our current Chairman is spending lots of time focusing on outside projects, so that leads all of us worried about our own organisation. I hope elections are called soon."

Asked by TBG who she'd support, the same member replied - "I've got my eyes on two people, but I'm not totally decided yet. The next Chairman must be completely different from what we've had this year. They've (the exec) have been good at campaigning but we need a fresh approach and someone who isn't afraid to say it how it is."

One frothy mouthed Tory told TBG - "I spend hours upon hours looking at pictures of all three possible contenders. It's borderline creepy. A couple of names on that list merged together as one would be awesome. Canning's friendly and Luke's very organised. Mo also adds a completely knew dimension as he's new, principled and determined."

Sunday, 28 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE CF Chairman Poll: Result in Full.

1. Mo Metcalf-Fisher - 32%
2. Stephen Canning - 21%
3. Luke Springthorpe - 11.4%
4. Isaac Duffy - 10%

Others - 9.4%
Theodora Dickinson 5.2%
India Brunmit - 4%
Annabel Shaw - 4%
Mahyar Tousi - 2.5%
Jacob Wilkinson - 0.5%

There were 359 respondents over 24 hours. 91.4% said they were a Conservative Future Member, 8.6% did not identify as members.

EXCLUSIVE: Shots Fired in UKIP YI Election Contest.

THIS past week TBG exclusively revealed the news of Jamie McKenzie’s intention to stand as YI deputy chairman. This blog has heard from a YI insider, who wishes to be known only as ‘S’ that the contest is really starting to heat up.

The first shots allegedly came from the McKenzie camp, with the official release of his very flashy manifesto and an attack ad which reads "end the cosy boys club." Looking at this articles headline photo, we can possibly see what he means.

Other McKenzie policies include trying to reach out to the LGBT community following the banning of UKIP from this year’s gay pride, and standing up against the dreaded NUS.

Thomas Hoof, Jamie’s only opponent, is running a campaign based on his appeal as the most experienced and the "least divisive" candidate, however his connections with former chairman Jack Duffin may be enough to lose him this particular contest. Hoof does promise to "manage disputes" – with YI’s history this may not be a bad policy.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

CF Poll: Mo Metcalf-Fisher on Course for Tory Youth National Victory.

We've had 359 respondents to our 24 hour ‪‎CF‬ snap poll with 91.4% being a ‪Conservative Future member.

'OTHERS' option polled at 19.4% with some interesting names in there including Ed Hallam, Nadim Muslim, Robert Graham, James Price, Jenny Huynh and Ainsley Harriet but the activist with 10% of the 19.4% is Isaac Duffy; putting him a close 4th behind Luke Springthorpe as members' preference for the top job in CF.

Some respondents spoiled there ballots: "All are awful, someone from outside the cliche please", "None of the above, how on earth did you decide that this clique would run for it?" and "Whoever promises to abolish CF" were some of the comments.

More Analysis to follow...

EXCLUSIVE: CF Storm After 'Leaked' Mail List.

FURY has erupted over the alleged leaked list of young Tories by a senior Conservative Future (CF) executive member, TBG can reveal.

TBG has been inundated with messages expressing outrage at activists seemingly having their private emails used to help promote the private campaigning of a current National Executive member, for a position outside of Conservative Future.

The email, which was sent to hundreds of CF activists this week, has been accused of breaching strict Conservative Party rules on data and is quickly becoming known as 'emailgate'.

The email disclaimer seen by TBG reveals an address registered in Essex and upon investigation it appears the list rests within the property of a Sports Business.

One Tory was spitting feathers: "I don't know how my email address was obtained. I'm really funny about my private details being given out, so I was a little bit alarmed. I gave my email to CF, sure, but I'm a bit worried about where else my private details have gone."

TBG has learned that several official complaints have been made in what could be seen by some as the first throws in the organisation's national election campaign.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE: McKenzie Set to Run For YI Deputy.

TBG has word that Young Independence, the UKIP youth wing, is set to elect its first ever openly gay leader.

Jamie McKenzie, the popular YI London chairman, is favourite to win the approaching national deputy leader competition. Paraphrasing the great Thatcher on his Facebook page, Mckenzie said "I don't think there will be a gay YI deputy chairman. Not in my lifetime..."

McKenzie is also thought to have the support of UKIP favourite Suzanne Evans who spoke of her "premonition" of Jamie being elected. Jamie’s victory would come as good news for the party after being ‘banned’ from this year’s gay pride.

This website understands that Jamie’s only opponent will be Thomas Hoof, the former deputy chairman allegedly let go by Jack Duffin and replaced by paid staff.

Next Conservative Future Chairman Poll.

This poll will run until 25/06/2015 10.00am


REVEALED: Lembit Opik Wants to Stand for Mayor of London.

TBG can sensationally reveal that Lembit Opik is considering throwing his hat into next year’s London Mayoral Election contest.

Lembit, probably more famous in the capital for his TV appearances and marriage to a Cheeky Girl, has yet to confirm whether or not he will stand as an independent or for the Liberal Democrats. However, according to the bookies who have given Lembit odds of 500/1, Tony Blair, Nigel Farage and Russell Brand all have a better chance of winning the contest.

On social media Lembit’s announcement was met with some scepticism. One person tweeted, "you're a nice bloke @lembitopik but I feel that's flight of fantasy too far. You aren't seen as having strong London connection for starters." Another said it "would be a great idea" but only so they could "throw a parsnip" at him.

TBG does not condone the throwing of parsnips or any other root vegetables at politicians... even Lembit Opik.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Concern Over Potential CF Challenger.

RUMOURS are whirling round Westminster regarding the whereabouts of Blonde Bombshell Robert Graham.

Often referred to as the "Boris of Bristol" owing to his charisma and maverick streak, Mr Graham has not been seen on social media since May 6th. Given how rare it is for the social media guru to take such a prolonged absence from commenting on current affairs, it is understandable that this has caused some concern.

A senior source told TBG that "With talk of a CF election soon, there will be real concern among the candidates that Robert Graham may be out of the picture. Given how invaluable his consultancy services for campaign management have been in past CF elections, it's hard to imagine this election going ahead without his valuable input."

By Robert Graham's own admission, he is "incredibly up to date, fluent and has a large political knowledge base." Tory Youth members should all be hoping that this is no more than a temporary absence.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Kealey 'Not Ruling Anything Out' Over CF Wales Bid.

CONTROVERSIAL & ENTHUSIASTIC North Wales Conservative Future (CF) member, Adam Kealey, is set to announce his bid to topple Ryan Hunter in the upcoming CF elections, TBG can reveal.

Hunter won the Regional Chairmanship in Wales last year and has been considered a success leading Conservative Future in Wales according to one source.

A prominent Swansea CF'er said: "Wales has had its fair share of ineffective and divisive chairmen. I can testify that Ryan Hunter has steadied the CF ship in Wales which has resulted in massive numbers of young people joining the party in Wales.

"Cardiff Conservative Future has more members than Labour, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru, UKIP youth groups COMBINED!"

Kealey has had several bust-ups with Hunter over his chairmanship when Hunter removed Kealey from Area Chair' for North Wales.

Kealey has told TBG today: "I'm not ruling anything out."

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

NUS Hell Raiser MacFarlane on Whistle-stop Tour?

RUMOURS are flying over the surprise visit of the popular Northern Ireland Conservative Future (CF) activist who was spotted in a busy Westminster watering hole last night, TBG can reveal.

Eimhear, who stunned audiences with her impressive right-wing NUS leadership bid, is said to have met with several CF big beasts to discuss her own future on the national stage.

One secret observer told TBG: "I spent most of the evening hiding behind a bin, but it's clear she's such a character. Her presence brightens up any gathering and she's so down to earth. When she talks to you, you feel like you're on cloud 9. We could really do with her on the national scene."

A source close to Eimhear informed TBG: "As any other normal person would, Eimhear was simply visiting friends in London and having a good time. I don't know anything about her plans but I do think some people get a little bit overexcited"

As the CF election draws nearer, people are still keeping their cards pretty close to their chest.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Selling RBS Makes Sense But It's Only Possible With The Long-Term Economic Plan.

MP Alan Mak was so right to point out in the House of Commons today that the sale of R.B.S. seven years after it was rescued from collapse by the taxpayer under the last Labour Government would not be possible without the current Conservative Long Term Economic Plan.

The Conservatives are reducing the deficit to secure a stronger economy and a better future for Britain.

So, by taking difficult decisions like this the government is safeguarding our economy for the long term so future generations aren't left to clear up the mess as has been the case for the last five years.

Dealing with the deficit is essential to keep mortgage rates low for hardworking families so as to help them to be more financially secure and it is only by working through our long-term economic plan and continuing to reduce the deficit can we build a stronger, healthier economy for a better Britain.

In government, Labour racked up the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history and even today Andy Burnham and his union comrades want to do it all over again.

It is the Conservatives who are cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty to help hard working and tax paying citizens be more financially secure so that they can keep more of the money they earn and are better able to provide for their families.

Long may it continue!

Cambridge University Tory Bash Sees Potential Challengers.

THIS past weekend saw the kick off of one of the Conservative Future (CF) calender's most talked about social events of the year - the CUCA Chairman's ball.

Members from all the the country gathered to celebrate within the luxury setting of Westminster College. So exclusive was the event, that those wishing to go had to submit 'applications' some TWO WEEKS ahead of the big kick off.

TBG understands that among the variety of tasty dishes offered, both salmon caviar and delicious beef medallions were served to hungry punters.

One young Tory observer said: "I loved having the excuse to throw on my new tux. I was amazed at the turnout from across the country. The booze on offer was top notch."

TBG has been tipped that the CUCA ball is not only a vital social event, but an opportunity for potential CF leadership candidates to mingle ahead of the what looks to be summer leadership elections.

In attendance were a number of CF big beasts including National Executive Members Stephen Canning and Annabelle Shaw whilst London CF's Chief, Luke Springthorpe also made a surprise appearance.

The same thirsty punter said: "It was nice to see new and old faces. Canning's a nice chap, but the TOWIE gag is getting a bit boring and it's hard to pin him down politically."

Another said, "I've been on a couple of campaign events in London where Luke Springthorpe has been running the show, so it was nice to catch up with him in a more chilled out setting. Sometimes he comes across as a bit too serious, but he was much more friendly tonight. He had a gorgeous bow tie on too."

"I can't wait for next year!"

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Wilkinson Considering Another CF National Chairman Bid.

FORMER Conservative Future [CF] National Chairman candidate, Jacob Wilkinson, is rumoured to be considering another sensational bid to become CF Chairman.

He exclusively told TBG:

"Who's said that I'm running? It's the first I've heard. If that's what members want then I will take stock and consult with colleagues over the coming weeks before making any announcement."

Last year Wilkinson led a bustling maverick campaign that launched with an 'Anti-Paterson Party', which was a huge success for Wilkinson.

Labour Have More In Common With Putin Than Manchester.

Anyone who really thinks that the Labour Party has in any way changed since 2010, let alone 2015, should look no further than their recent actions in The People's Republic of Greater Manchester.

In May 2012 the people of Manchester City Council voted against having an elected Mayor after thousands of pounds was spent on a referendum poll.

Despite this, the Labour Party of Greater Manchester as a whole decided recently to ignore the will of the people and plough on with having an elected Mayor for the region of Greater Manchester instead despite no public consultation with the electorate in other council areas and the rejection of a city mayor in the referendum in 2012.

Basically, a panel of council representatives appointed Tony Lloyd as the region's interim mayor until 2017 after the former Labour MP was chosen over Wigan Council Leader Peter Smith.

This is despite the fact that Mr Lloyd is not even a councillor and not a single member of the electorate gave such a move the go ahead.

Such ignorance of public opinion is not just a disgrace but completely undermines how, despite their General Election defeats in 2010 and 2015 and the scrapping of Labour's former 'talking shop' regional assemblies shortly after the coalition government came to power in 2010 as per the then Conservative Manifesto Labour still never change.

In my opinion, this latest act of public defiance and left wing lunacy is something more in common with the likes of dictators like Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Raul Castro than the people of Greater Manchester.

Labour at War in Peterborough.

LABOUR are well and truly at war in Peterborough today.

TBG can sensationally reveal that a vote of no confidence in the current Leadership of the Labour Group on the City Council is due to take place after the party FORGOT to put forward the name of their own candidate to be council leader.

Leaked e mails seen by TBG show that Labour’s Cllr Mohammed Jamil was due to stand against Conservative John Holdich before what is being described by the Labour Party as a "monumental cock-up" ensued that resulted in John Holdrich being elected UN-OPPOSED!

Cllr Shearman’s email states:

"As for last night’s ill-fated council leadership counter-nomination, if anyone is looking for a conspiracy then they are going to be disappointed!"

"It was no more than a monumental cock-up involving a number of people, including myself for not ensuring at the group meeting that we confirmed who was to propose and second the nomination at full council."

"When questioned after the meeting as to why the nomination was not made, Jamil had the choice of saying either ‘we made a cock-up and no one was sure who was proposing/seconding’ (that would have looked good in the press and on Twitter) or being less than truthful and telling Joel he had decided not to stand."

"To his credit he protected the group by choosing the latter."

Ironically, Cllr Jamil was only appointed Group Leader a week earlier.
Left-wing disobedience in P'boro

Labour Councillor Jo Johnson who is proposing the vote of no confidence in Jamil told a TBG mole after the meeting:

"We agreed at a Labour group meeting to oppose Cllr Holdich’s leadership with Cllr Jamil to stand but he did not do so."

"There will be a vote of no confidence in the group, and if they do not get it I will walk from the party."

A further leaked email seen by TBG shows that Labour Councillor Richard Ferris took full responsibility for the failure to nominate Cllr Jamil and offered his resignation as group secretary.

In response to the sensational leaks from TBG they said:

"The Labour Party does not respond to unsubstantiated leaked emails."

Yeah Right!

Peterborough Council remains Hung after polls on the same day saw Stewart Jackson return as local MP.

The Conservatives hold 26 of the 57 seats in the council, with one seat vacant.

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