Labour Party See The Light and Accept Need For EU Referendum.

So, the Labour Party have finally seen the light by accepting the need for an E.U. Referendum.

Whilst I welcome this rapid change of heart the fact of the matter is that had Labour won the last election or done a deal with the ultra left wing SNP which, according to union baron Len McClusky, was certainly on the cards, the British people would not be getting an in or out vote.

The reason why the British people are getting an in or out vote is because David Cameron and the Conservative Party won an outright majority in the General Election.

Even if Mr Cameron had not won enough seats to form a majority this would not be happening because as we saw in the aftermath of the 2010 Hung Parliament it was a red line issue that the Liberal Democrats were dead against as was proven when James Warton's Private Members Bill was defeated.

The only reason Labour support the referendum is because they, like me, know it is going to happen.

Yet for Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn to already back the In Campaign even before the negotiations have taken place is just like a mug punter backing a horse without reading it s form.

Or is Mr Benn suggesting that every Tom, Dick and Harry from the EU is still welcome to come to Britain to live on benefits like millions did under Labour?

Is Mr Benn suggesting it is OK for British tax payers to subsidise a family of four EU citizens who have never paid a penny into our benefits system to come here and claim £700 a month in tax credits the moment they land on our shores as also happened under Labour?

It certainly seems that this is the case to me!

Which is exactly why either the EU has to substantially change from its current crypto communist format or Britain needs to get out of the EU completely.

People should forget the nonsense they hear about certain businesses threatening to leave our shores and wake up to the mess we are still in.

These are after all the same businesses fighting EU red tape on a daily basis.

It's a mess that can only be cleared with either substantial Conservative changes to the current E.U. or by Britain leaving once and for all by having its own freedom back for its own trade and business outside the faltering EU and instead with nations we cannot even do proper business with at the moment because of the E.U. like China, India and other emerging economies.

The E.U, needs to either wake up to this change or the british people will do it for them.