Future CF National Executive Possibilities.

Will Canning Lead Conservative Future?

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) are feeling the tremors of a survey on satisfaction among Members, it has been revealed that it will find the majority of members dissatisfied & that CF has been to London-Based and needs to go to all Regions in England and Wales.

TBG spoke to one CF Member about his opinions on the youth wing of the Conservative Party nationwide:

"I personally think that Team Patterson represented me the best in the National Executive elections last year, especially Anabel Shaw who was running for Best Appointed Officer. She spoke about reform which I thought CF needed. Nearly 10 months down the line, I think the Exec have delivered reform, and have kept all well updated. However, I still think the Youth Wing is too London-Centric."

"CF has strongholds in London, York, Manchester and Cardiff, with other places producing good numbers such as Nottingham and Cheshire. However that’s about it. South East and South West is getting stronger, but overall I feel CF needs to look at recruiting Chairs, dedicated to delivering for all areas and not just the most populated."

TBG also asked who they thought would be the next CF Chair:

"I would like to see Mayhar Tousi or Stephan Canning take on the role, but I think someone like Annabel Shaw would be a good candidate so I’d vote for her."