BREAKING: CF Poll Set to Show Dissatisfaction as National Election Called For August.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) will soon be in full election mode it what is set to be the most interesting election for some time.

TBG understands that CCHQ have penciled in a CF National Election this August.

A CF members' poll commissioned by rival website RightofCentre exclusively seen by TBG is sensationally set to show dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

First poll results show a heavy disastifaction with the London CF leadership.

A Senior CF source said: "This is outrageous. London is entirely united behind our glorious leader Mr Springthorpe. London CF could never treat him with such disrespect this must be a great mistake. We all adore him.

"We especially love his not in anyway annoying Facebook posts and the way he has mini-Roadtrips and stands in the front of the photo and takes all the glory. You can take it from the fact he stands in front of MPs in Campaign photos how much he is respected in London."

EXCLUSIVE: As seen by TBG London chairman satisfaction rating is a low 3.84

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