Only the Conservatives Are on The Side of Tax-paying, Hard-working & Law-abiding Citizens.

Once again The Queen's Speech provides a fitting example of why only the Conservatives are on the side of the tax-paying, hard-working and law-abiding citizens that keep our country and our economy going so strong.

It simply proves that the British people made the right choice by electing a Conservative Government with an outright majority for the first time since Sir John Major's outstanding triumph, also against the odds, on April 9th 1992.

The speech, above anything else, helps restore some of the trust back into British Politics we unfortunately lost under Labour between 1997 and 2010 by putting into law the tax and national insurance cuts that David Cameron promised before the election.

This will ensure that year-on-year between now and 2020, people will be able to earn more and more money that will go straight in their pocket below an ever increasing tax threshold so as nobody earning the minimum wage and working up to 30 hours a week pays no tax at all.

Above anything though, the Queens Speech shoots Ukip's scaremongering fox once and for all by legislating for a fresh EU Referendum by the end of 2017.

I have been registered to vote since 1989 some fourteen years after the last referendum on the European Economic Community so the fact of the matter is that there are some people approaching their sixties who have never had a say on the crypto communist regime that now operates in Britain called the EU.

Under the Conservatives the electorate will get a say on the EU, the electorate will get lower taxes, work will pay, welfare dependency will be a distant memory and by the end of this parliament, once it has been scrutinised properly, there will also be a British Bill of Rights to replace the dreaded Human Rights Acts that helped defend the rights of terrorists like Abu Hamza for so long.

We got rid of Hamza and we will get rid of the dreaded Human Rights Act too regardless of whatever petty argument Labour's socialist apparatchiks come up with.

It's a far cry from the days of Labour's tax and spend, its much better than the days when council tax doubled and the gold was sold at rock bottom prices.

It's called fixing the roof whilst The Sun is shining down so that together we can make Britain better.

Springthorpe Hits Back at 'Shoddy' Website.

LUKE SPRINGTHORPE has launched a blistering attack on breaking poll results, slamming the websites polling and writing as "Shoddy", TBG can sensationally reveal.

London Conservaive Future Chairman exclusively told TBG - "Not surprisingly, RightofCentre and its editor's integrity in polling is about as shoddy as its writing capabilities. Given that the poll allows multiple votes to be cast by the same person, I think I'll take the results with a pinch of salt and continue to crack on with the job in London."

It's unknown if Luke Springthorpe will restand for the London CF Chairmanship in probable upcoming National Elections in August.

Future CF National Executive Possibilities.

Will Canning Lead Conservative Future?

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) are feeling the tremors of a survey on satisfaction among Members, it has been revealed that it will find the majority of members dissatisfied & that CF has been to London-Based and needs to go to all Regions in England and Wales.

TBG spoke to one CF Member about his opinions on the youth wing of the Conservative Party nationwide:

"I personally think that Team Patterson represented me the best in the National Executive elections last year, especially Anabel Shaw who was running for Best Appointed Officer. She spoke about reform which I thought CF needed. Nearly 10 months down the line, I think the Exec have delivered reform, and have kept all well updated. However, I still think the Youth Wing is too London-Centric."

"CF has strongholds in London, York, Manchester and Cardiff, with other places producing good numbers such as Nottingham and Cheshire. However that’s about it. South East and South West is getting stronger, but overall I feel CF needs to look at recruiting Chairs, dedicated to delivering for all areas and not just the most populated."

TBG also asked who they thought would be the next CF Chair:

"I would like to see Mayhar Tousi or Stephan Canning take on the role, but I think someone like Annabel Shaw would be a good candidate so I’d vote for her."

BREAKING: CF Poll Set to Show Dissatisfaction as National Election Called For August.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) will soon be in full election mode it what is set to be the most interesting election for some time.

TBG understands that CCHQ have penciled in a CF National Election this August.

A CF members' poll commissioned by rival website RightofCentre exclusively seen by TBG is sensationally set to show dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

First poll results show a heavy disastifaction with the London CF leadership.

A Senior CF source said: "This is outrageous. London is entirely united behind our glorious leader Mr Springthorpe. London CF could never treat him with such disrespect this must be a great mistake. We all adore him.

"We especially love his not in anyway annoying Facebook posts and the way he has mini-Roadtrips and stands in the front of the photo and takes all the glory. You can take it from the fact he stands in front of MPs in Campaign photos how much he is respected in London."

EXCLUSIVE: As seen by TBG London chairman satisfaction rating is a low 3.84

READ MORE >> Springthorpe Hits Back at 'Shoddy' Website

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EXCLUSIVE: Young Independence Front Runners Revealed.

Jenkins [left] & Painter [right]

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI) has recently been thrown into an early election after Chairman Jack Duffin stood down. TBG can exclusively reveal two names vying for the top position in the UKIP youth wing.

Sources close to senior UKIP aides told TBG earlier today that the race is between Jake Painter and Joe Jenkins, they also leaked their manifesto .pdf links to this website.

Jenkins is Scottish and started the YI students movement and ran against Nick Clegg in the recent General Election gaining 6.4% (3,575) of the vote.

Painter describes himself as a "classical liberal, conservative leanings, Maggie T fan, English/British patriot and YI chairman for north london". According to a YI insider he apparently "has very little support".

Labour Party See The Light and Accept Need For EU Referendum.

So, the Labour Party have finally seen the light by accepting the need for an E.U. Referendum.

Whilst I welcome this rapid change of heart the fact of the matter is that had Labour won the last election or done a deal with the ultra left wing SNP which, according to union baron Len McClusky, was certainly on the cards, the British people would not be getting an in or out vote.

The reason why the British people are getting an in or out vote is because David Cameron and the Conservative Party won an outright majority in the General Election.

Even if Mr Cameron had not won enough seats to form a majority this would not be happening because as we saw in the aftermath of the 2010 Hung Parliament it was a red line issue that the Liberal Democrats were dead against as was proven when James Warton's Private Members Bill was defeated.

The only reason Labour support the referendum is because they, like me, know it is going to happen.

Yet for Labour's Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn to already back the In Campaign even before the negotiations have taken place is just like a mug punter backing a horse without reading it s form.

Or is Mr Benn suggesting that every Tom, Dick and Harry from the EU is still welcome to come to Britain to live on benefits like millions did under Labour?

Is Mr Benn suggesting it is OK for British tax payers to subsidise a family of four EU citizens who have never paid a penny into our benefits system to come here and claim £700 a month in tax credits the moment they land on our shores as also happened under Labour?

It certainly seems that this is the case to me!

Which is exactly why either the EU has to substantially change from its current crypto communist format or Britain needs to get out of the EU completely.

People should forget the nonsense they hear about certain businesses threatening to leave our shores and wake up to the mess we are still in.

These are after all the same businesses fighting EU red tape on a daily basis.

It's a mess that can only be cleared with either substantial Conservative changes to the current E.U. or by Britain leaving once and for all by having its own freedom back for its own trade and business outside the faltering EU and instead with nations we cannot even do proper business with at the moment because of the E.U. like China, India and other emerging economies.

The E.U, needs to either wake up to this change or the british people will do it for them.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory EU Referendum Campaign.

TBG can today sensationally reveal what promises to be a fascinating debate regarding Britain's Future in the EU and the role of UK MEPs in the negotiations is set to take place in Central London on June 11th.

The event is being jointly hosted by London Conservative Future and the Leader of the ECR Group, Syed Kamall MEP.

There will be a free bar with drinks provided, and the event is kindly sponsored by the ECR Group.

Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis and the venue shall be emailed out 24 hours before the event.

Book your place HERE!

BREAKING: YI Chairman Jack Duffin Defeated in UKIP Referendum.

JACK DUFFIN, outgoing UKIP youth chairman, has been heavily defeated in his attempt to lower the age of the Young Independence (YI) membership to 25 by referendum, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Insider figures seen on this website first suggest:

TOTAL VOTES: 228 | YES = 54 votes (25.8%) | NO = 155 votes (74.2%)

Sources have claimed that Duffin tried to push the amendment through the council to, "Chuck out anyone over 25, but they rebelled and sensationally forced him to put it to a membership vote".

"He was furious", said a YI source, "This terrible error is possibly the reason he stood down early."

It's also been said that someone over 25 wants to run against Duffin's favoured candidate for YI chair.

Hancock Given His Marching Orders.

As if being given his marching order by the people of Portsmouth South wasn't enough TBG can today report that Mike Hancock has been given two months notice by his landlord to quit his offices in the Albert Road area of Southsea.

As if this things are not bad enough TBG also understands that Portsmouth City Council is today taking fresh advice in regards to the former Portsmouth South MP being asked to repay the £150,000 legal bill for the investigation into his recent conduct.


Introducing Mrs Burnham.

Just for the record TBG did some research on the wife of Labour Leadership contender Andy Burnham today and came up trumps with some very interesting quotations.

Marie-France Van Heel as she is better known has a record of:

Calling Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt "Bloody Awful".

Calling Boris Johnson an "Idiot".

And just for good measure recently saying:

"Can't we have a military coup to get rid of our democratically elected government?"

Burnham is the front-runner and bookies favourite for the forthcoming Labour Leadership Contest.

Not surprisingly he also has a the backing of Unite and their left-wing firebrand Leader Len McCluskey.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Secret Plan to Ditch 25-30's Before Election.

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI), the youth wing of UKIP, is apparently set to have a top secret meeting that will see a vote on whether to ditch members aged 25-30 which could sensationally see them barred from voting in the upcoming election, TBG can reveal.

Insider sources claim that the boys club that is the YI National Council will meet to hold a, "Secret referendum to bring the member age down to 25 and potentially boot out all those hard working YIers who are 25-30."

The news comes as UKIP turmoil continues with the resignation of its economic spokesman Patrick O'Flynn MEP just days after ealy YI elections were called after Chairman Jack Duffin stood down.

Former UKIP Election Candidate Says Farage 'Has Had His Day'.

ALL hell has broken loose in Portsmouth Ukip, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Just seven days after local councillor Steve Hastings jumped ship back to the Conservatives saying that "The best hope for a European referendum now lies with the Tories", the former de-selected candidate in the Portsmouth South constituency has had a sharp public exchange of words with Nigel Farage.

Former UKIP Parliamentary Candidate Douglas Denny has sensationally told today's Portsmouth News that Nigel Farage must go.

In a letter to a member of the party’s national executive committee, Mr Denny echoes similar soundings put out by Douglas Carswell saying:

"Nigel has had his day."

"He is to be thanked for taking Ukip to where it is now – but I assure you all my political instincts say he is definitely not the man to take it forwards into this new era where there is a referendum." "To continue he will descend into acrimony and in-fighting within Ukip and ultimately be deposed, or Ukip become more and more irrelevant in British politics." "The public hate in-fighting in a party and it kills it in the public mind."

"Nigel, with his aggressive shouty personality, is simply not the person to put the arguments cogently and assertively and quietly with authority – without appearing to be a right-wing bigot."

"Like it or not Nigel does indeed appear to be a right- wing bigot, and puts off a large percentage of the people."

"That is why Ukip has never shaken off the image of being BNP-lite."

"He did not get into Thanet because of this."

EXCLUSIVE: Cooper 'Will' Run For Top Job at Bow Group.

FORMER Conservative Future (CF) Chairman Oliver Cooper "WILL" run for Chairman of troubled right-wing think-tank Bow Group, according to Tory Party insiders, TBG can reveal.

Ben Harris-Quinney, who according to Lord Michael Heseltine was "destroyed" recently on the Daily Politics, has been in post for the last four years and his position is now said to be "shaky at best".

A source said: "Cooper has been buoyed by support since rumours of a bid were reported and I think he will run for Chairman of this great institution."

Another source recently told The Commentator: "He’s (Cooper) a paid up member of the Conservative Party and will ensure the Bow Group is returned to its former glory."

UPDATE - 18/05/15 PM

It's being reported that "Bow Group chairman Been Harris-Quinney has decided to step down." >> READ MORE

UKIP Turmoil: Youth Chairman Stands Down.

EXCLUSIVE: Duffin steps down

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE (YI), the youth wing of UKIP, Chairman Jack Duffin has sensationally quit his post amid ferocious infighting that has led to an almighty public slagging match between UK Independence Party officials, TBG can exclusively reveal.

With senior members currently at war within UKIP over the leadership another battle is about to commence and if past YI elections are anything to go by this will be just as feisty.

It's thought the move for early elections within YI will de-stabalise the Party further.

Jack Duffin claimed that he, "Thought it was best to step aside now and begin new elections at the start of June rather than wait another month due to the incredibly important assembly elections next year where we could win seats in all four."

Tory Election 'Watch Party' Tickets Go On Sale.

Acivists may be wishing for a 2010 repeat at best

IT has now been officially announced that an unmissable Watch Party will happen in Central London after polls close on May 7th, as exclusively revealed on TBG last week.

The top secret exclusive location for the party will be revealed to ticket holders by text on polling day. The 'Super Party' is joint effort between National Conservative Future, London Conservative Future, South East Conservative Future and the influential think-tank Parliament Street.

It is understood that free drinks will be available and special guests will be arriving through the night.

You can buy tickets HERE:

Patrick Sullivan from leading centre-right think-tank Parliament Street said: "This is the party of the night. We're having a fantastic response to this."

Alexandra Paterson, National CF Chairman said: "Yes it's officially happening. This is going to be an unmissable party. We've all wanted to work together for a while and this is the perfect project."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Election 'Watch Party' Revealed.

RUMOURS are flying around Westminster about a sensational ‘Watch Party’ set take place on election night at a top venue in Central London, TBG can reveal.

The event is said to be a joint ‘super-party’ organised by National Conservative Future (CF), London CF, South East CF and leading centre-right think-tank Parliament Street. Sources have revealed to TBG the venue will have various screens available where activists can watch the election results come in until the early hours of May 8th Live.

National CF Chairman, Alexandra Paterson told TBG: "We will be making an announcement very soon on this. We’re all very excited to be working together."

In Denial Stumbling Miliband 'Is Not Fit to be Prime Minister of Great Britain'.

CF Chairman's Election Diary

This has been a particularly busy week for me, on Tuesday I did the Channel 4 Youth Leaders Debate in association with Shout Out UK. The debate lasted an hour and a half and we went through 14 questions on topics including the economy, immigration, education and the NHS.

I enjoyed the debate and was particularly proud of the hits I made against Labour on employment, the mansion tax and tuition fees. I really appreciate all the supportive messages and tweets I’ve had from people over the past week, thanks guys!

I was rather dismayed to see that a number of others on the panel, and the audience, were so ardently against Trident. I am proud of the Conservatives’ strong policy on defence. The number one function of Government is to protect its nation, both domestically and internationally and our nuclear deterrent has kept peace in Europe for the past 70 years.

You can watch the debate HERE.

Tonight I am off to join Battlebus2015 and will be away campaigning the last week of the election. I’m looking forward to this final stage of the short campaign. I know we’re all exhausted but I believe that we can make a real difference on the doorstep over the next 6 days so CFers and activists alike, one last push please, this is a call to arms. We cannot let the socialists ruin our country.

For those of you watching Question Time last night you’ll have seen Leeds rip into Miliband over his dealing with the SNP and his blatant lies about Labour spending. His response to a proper Northern grilling was to fall off stage. The man is an Omnishambles; he is not fit to be Prime Minister of Great Britain.

On polling day I will be in Harlow campaigning for the excellent Robert Halfon. His popular and effective campaigning has caught the attention of the national media and I’m sure scared Labour to death. He really is a socialist’s worst nightmare. I’m looking forward to seeing the smirk wiped of Suzy Stride’s face when Halfon annihilates her on May 7th. Her negative campaigning won’t work, the right always prevail.

You can see Robert Halfon’s campaign video HERE.