Would the Real Shaun Owen Please Stand Up?

Would the real Shaun Owen Please Stand Up?

That's the question on TBG's lips this morning after our astonishing coup yesterday exposed him as a possible plant in the Portsmouth South Conservatives.

Owen, from Tottenham Road in Portsmouth, which is a stone's throw away from Gerald Vernon Jackson's campaign office, recently changed his name from Shaun Rogers.

It was in the name Shaun Rogers that he stood as a Conservative candidate in Charles Dickens Ward at last years local elections after helping set up a job club with Tory Candidate Flick Drummond.

One comment currently under investigation after being received at TBG yesterday also suggests that Owen may have had past contact with the Portsmouth Labour Party too and may have had another name change as well.

This is currently under investigation.

It does however continue to beg the question: Would the real Shaun Owen Please Stand Up?