Vandals Target Election Candidates.


TWO General Election Candidates have had their campaign posters deliberately targeted by graffiti vandals in Hampshire, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Former Young Independence National Chair Candidate Chris Wood is angry after someone vandalised his campaign banner with a Hitler-style moustache.

Wood told TBG:

"I have put a lot of my own money into this campaign and spent hours designing this advert from scratch, so to see it defaced in this manner actually makes me rather angry."

"Someone thinks they’re being funny or they’re making a disgusting and wholly wrong political point."

"Either way it is criminal damage and incredibly offensive."

"I’m sure the public will see this for what it is, vandalism plain and simple."

The same thing also happened to a poster of Nigel Farage in Portsmouth North prompting local chairman Stuart Potter to tell TBG:

"It is sad that someone has done it."

"Ukip is nothing like the Nazis."

Fareham Tory Suella Fernandes, who features in the legal section of today's Times, has also become a victim after one of her posters was recently damaged with the words "Millionaire Barrister No Thanks" written on it.

Ms Fernandes told TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking on the campaign trail in Locks Heath this morning:

"I'm dissapointed at such personal attacks."

"Whoever has made them has got their facts wrong."

"I live here in Locks Heath."

"I've stopped working in the Courts."

"And if I get elected I will be a full-time MP."

Thankfully, so far, nobody has picked on Portsmouth South Conservative Candidate Flick Drummond.

Earlier this year The Spectator reported that plans for a set of campaign posters for Flick had to be revised after the Conservatives realised that, from a distance, the poster could be misread as another word starting with the letter F.

Thankfully, despite pressure from Campaign Manager Glynne Bartlett for her to use the name Felicia instead, our Flick has so far escaped the latest round of graffiti vandalsim unscathed.