The Day The Farage Roadshow Came to Lincolnshire.

Whilst Road Trip 2015 were busy delivering leaflets in his own backyard, Nigel Farage was in two of his big target seats this week.

Boston and Skegness where Robin Hunter-Clarke could become the youngest MP for a century and Great Grimsby where Victoria Ayling is still facing accusations of old links with the National Front.

To be honest, TBG was quite impressed with how Hunter-Clarke handled the media yesterday especially considering the scrum included highly respected figures such as BBC Political Correspondent and former Portsmouth News Political Editor Alex Forsyth along with fellow beeb reporters Danny Savage a Tim Iredale.

Farage met Skegness town councillors, had an ice cream with Hunter-Clarke and was presented with a mini keg of beer from a microbrewery in Ingoldmells before going on to TWO public meetings each attended by over 400 people at the Boston Haven High Academy where he was asked if any settled migrants living and working in Boston had anything to fear from UKIP?

Farage replied to the question by saying that Eastern Europeans living in Boston musn't have any fears about UKIP winning the election so long as they are here legally and are of "good character".

"No one who has come to Britain legally, are in work and are of good character would be asked anything other than to carry on doing what they are doing."

"We must be stricter about the type of people who come though. If people have got illness it's not for our NHS to deal with them - it's under great strain already",
he said.

Whilst Farage got a good response with former Tory Robin Hunter-Clarke in Boston and Skegness, the same can't be said for the response he got with Victoria Ayling earlier in the day forty miles up the road in Great Grismby.

Such is the stir that the allegations of her former National Front links has caused, both Ayling and Farage had to enter a public meeting in the North East Lincolnshire town by a back door after left-wing protesters blocked the front entrance and a planned visit to the Hope and Anchor pub that has an ale named after the Ukip Leader had to be cancelled due to it being infiltrated by even more anti-Ukip protesters despite the landlord earlier going round personally barring every person who even looked like a protester.

Even so, Victoria Ayling claims that she is still on course for victory telling the Grimsby Evening Telegraph:

"We're just ahead of Labour in the polls."

"We've got a very good chance of winning and we want to show the people of Grimsby that we have got their interests at heart to promote Grimsby as a great place to do business."

Bookies make Hunter-Clarke an 11/10 shot to take Boston and Skegness and Ayling a more distant 6/4 shot to take Great Grimsby.

Lord Ashcroft's latest constituency polling in the seats however puts the Conservatives on 38% and Ukip on 35% in Boston and Skegness but make the contest closer in Great Grimsby with Labour on 35% and Ukip just one point behind on 34%.