Labour Candidate Tells Muslim Radicals 'Don't Come Back!'

PLEASURE SIR: Red Ed and Danczuk

SIMON DANCZUK is becoming a bit of a regular on TBG these days especially after the Katie Hopkins Debacle.

However, we couldn't help noticing recently that the Labour Candidate's wife Karen is a fellow councillor in the Kingsway Ward of Rochdale of Shakil Ahmed who's son Waheed tried to cross the border into Syria to join I.S Militants recently.

Waheed fled with eight other members of his family, but they were arrested in Turkey in the town of Reyhanli near the Syrian border.

Today though, not for the first time of Election 2015, our Simon has gone into one.

The Rochdale incumbent, who represents the area where the group were from, described them as "the enemy" and said the Government’s plans were not working to stop radicalisation spreading like "cancer".

Danczuk tells today's Daily Express that, "I think I speak for the vast majority of people in Rochdale in saying that this family will not be welcome back in Rochdale."

It's just a pitty he didn't have the same attitude towards Waheed when he was dishing out leaflets for Labour at recent local elections!