Labour at War: Dianne Abbott Leads Backlash Against Labour Anti-Immigration Mug.

The news that Ed Miliband's Campaign is at war on three fronts today less than 48 hours after the General Election Campaign begun just shows what a complete and chaotic laughing stock Labour would be in government.

Firstly, whilst on one hand Miliband and Balls are arguing for their own spending cuts on the other AT LEAST FORTY Labour candidates headed by former leadership contender John Mcdonnell are clearly unhappy.

Secondly, whilst on one hand Miliband is trying to stand tough on immigration on another hand yet another former leadership contender, Dianne Abbott, is leading a backlash against a mug being sold by Labour in which the party trumpets its commitment to a tough immigration system by tweeting that it is a shameful embarrassment.

And thirdly, whilst on one hand Ed Miliband is criticising Conservative plans for the 2017 in or out referendum on the EU on the other leading figures in the party including Keith Vaz, John Cryer, Kate Hoey, Jim Dowd, Rosie Cooper, Graham Stringer and Natascha Engel are all saying publicly that they still favour one.

People need a Government committed to leading a united front with the commitment of an EU Referendum, getting the deficit down, cutting income tax, creating more jobs and helping small business which is exactly what David Cameron's Conservatives stand for.

What they don’t need is weak leadership and open division, which, along with policies such as higher spending, more debt, higher taxes which would ultimately lead to higher interest rates and job losses is exactly what Ed Miliband's Old Labour stand for.