Labour 2015 Campaign Already at War Over Spending Plans.

ED MILIBAND'S Campaign are at war on three fronts today just 48 hours after the General Election Campaign begun.

First, AT LEAST FORTY Labour candidates are unhappy at Ed Miliband's plans for Labour spending cuts in Ed Balls first Budget should they win the General Election.

The group opposed to the proposed spending cuts is headed by John Mcdonnell.

In an article for the New Statesman the Leader of the Socialist Campaign Group says:

"The first row will be around austerity unless we get this right ... I think it will change, inevitably it will change."

"I think it will be clear from pressure coming back from constituencies and individual MPs that we need a Labour government quickly making a change".

McDonnell and his bloc of forty potential MPs is vowing to vote against any Budget or Spending Review that includes cuts.

Secondly, former leadership contender Diane Abbott is leading a backlash against a mug being sold by Labour in which the party trumpets its commitment to a tough immigration system.

Alongside a picture of the red mug Ms Abbott tweeted: "This shameful mug is an embarrassment. But real problem is that immigration controls are one of our 5 pledges at all."

And thirdly, TBG has also learned today that a number of candidates are unhappy at Ed Miliband's criticism of Tory plans for an EU Referendum in 2017.

They are said to include Keith Vaz, John Cryer, Kate Hoey, Jim Dowd, Rosie Cooper, Graham Stringer and Natascha Engel.