Farage Cry For Tactical Voting to Keep Ed Miliband Out of No.10

Farage says there's "no problem" with him doing business with Tories

It might not go down too well with Tory candidate in Great Grimsby, Marc Jones, but it may be crucial in determining the outcome of the 2015 General Election.

Nigel Farage is today calling for members of the electorate to vote "tactically" to keep Ed Miliband out of Downing Street.

With Ukip yesterday reducing its total number of target seats to just ten Farage is calling for Conservatives to vote tactically to keep out Labour in Great Grimsby, Rother Valley and Dudley North.

Asked by TBG on the campaign trail in Essex yesterday about Ukip's latest re-assessment the Ukip Leader said:

"One of the things I have completely failed to understand is how the Conservatives would want to say Vote Ukip, Get Labour in constituencies like Great Grimsby, Rother Valley and Dudley North."

"A Labour Government backed up by the SNP would not be a very good thing for the country."

Pressed by TBG if he would help David Cameron lock Alex Salmond and Ed Miliband out of Downing Street Farage replied:

"Well, if that were possible then we would try and do it!"

And in an astonishing turn of events Mr Farage also said that there is now "no problem" with him doing business with the Conservative Leader.

Previously Farage has said that Mr Cameron would have to "resign" before any deal could take place.

TBG understands that Farage's new policy is now to work towards Mr Cameron's goal of an EU Referendum in 2017 but only so long as the Tories match his commitment of 2% of national income being spent on defence after EU President Jean Claude Juncker this week tried to rule out any British E.U. re-negotiation until 2019.

The move by Farage has been welcomed by former Conservative Home Editor Tim Montgomerie who tells today's Times that Ukip should "quit while they are ahead" adding:

"I've been a pretty persistent critic of the leadership of the (Conservative) party."

"I don't think he (David Cameron) has ever done enough to orientate tory policy towards the low paid and to young people waiting to get on the housing ladder."

"If Ukip was polling at the level of support it won at the last election the Conservatives would now be heading for a comfortable victory over Ed Miliband's Labour Party."

"Ukippers, quit while you are ahead!"

Latest Ashcroft Polls suggest that Labour lead Ukip by 35% to 34% in Great Grimsby, by 40% to 34% in Rother Valley and by 37% to 34% in Dudley North.