EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader Slams Labour’s Solution to Britain’s Problems As 'Downright Dangerous'.

CF Leader's Election Diary (Pt.5)

I’m sure like me over the past couple of days you’ve been reading the manifestos launched by the different political parties. Some of the policies range from the sensible to the downright bizarre.

David Cameron outlined plans to extend the Right to Buy to include housing associations, allowing 1.3 million more people to buy their own home. A Conservative government would also take the family home out of Inheritance Tax so that people who have worked and saved hard throughout their lives can pass their home onto their families. Cameron has also made the important commitment to protecting our national security by renewing Trident.

Other key policies were raising the Personal Allowance to £12,500 and ensuring that people working 30 hours a week on the Minimum Wage would not pay Income Tax. This is a manifesto which has a clear long term plan to continue and build on the hard work we’ve done over the past five years.

Compare this to Labour’s ‘solution’ to Britain’s problems, which is more borrowing, more taxes and a welfare system that punishes work, showing that Same Old Labour would waste taxpayers’ money if the unthinkable happens and they enter Downing Street. However, the prize for most wacky left wing ideas must go to the Green Party for their pledge to ensure UK taxpayers' money is not used for bullfighting.

More disturbing is their wish for a strange Utopia which requires Britain to only have a ‘defensive defence’. These ideas are not just mad, they are downright dangerous.

Also this week, a Unite Students poll has indicated that despite Labour assertions to the contrary, students are looking to vote in huge numbers (85%) in the General Election, with 36% believing that David Cameron would make the best Prime Minister, over 30% saying that Ed Miliband would. UKIP were trailing abysmally at just 5%.

On the campaign trail, I was out canvassing for Michelle Donelan in Chippenham on Saturday with the Conservative Women’s Organisation, #LadiesThatLeaflet. Michelle is wonderful candidate and it is crucial this seat is a Con Gain on May 7th. I would encourage anyone that can go out and help Michelle to get on the train to Chippenham, this is a seat where you can make a real difference.

I also met up with the team at Bite the Ballot to record an interview on the importance of youth engagement in politics and to talk about the Conservative Manifesto. They described me as ‘feisty’ which I hope isn’t code for something else. Last night I was on Panel at Sussex Questions, which is a Question Time style debate hosted by Sarah Montague at the Royal Institute of Great Britain. It was a lively discussion and has got me in the mood for the upcoming Youth Leaders Debate. A good week all round I’d say.