EXCLUSIVE: London Tory Youth Chairman Call to Arms.

CHAIRMAN of London Conservative Future has issued a ‘call to arms’ to all activists in London to help out with the ‘Get out the vote’ operation in the capital on May 7th.

Speaking exclusively to The Blue Guerilla he said: "We know from past experience in 2010 and in the most recent local elections that Labour are incredibly effective at getting out huge numbers of activists that are bussed in by the Unions to get out the Labour vote. It’s clear that they will do so again this time round to support the Union-backed Ed Miliband.

"We need to make sure we aren’t outgunned on the day if we’re going to win. That’s why we’re having a huge push to get as many people out in the marginal seats as we possibly can. If people can spare any time at all during the day, it could make all the difference.

"We have a very short and simple form to fill in that people can use to let us know when they can help on May 7th, even if it isn’t for the whole day. We’ll then assign them to their nearest, most convenient target seat on the day (based on where they are travelling from) and there’ll be a dedicated CF contact to meet them there."

You can fill in the form HERE.