EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dems Accused of Dirty Tricks After Alleged Tory Party Infiltration.

SPECULATION is sweeping Portsmouth this morning that a former Tory candidate in the city, Shaun Owen, may have actually been a plant in the party for Gerald Vernon Jackson's Liberal Democrats.

Owen announced his defection from the Tories to the Lib Dems recently but TBG can exclusively reveal that suspicions that he may have been a Lib Dems plant arose last year when he started becoming pally with a number of Lib Dems on Facebook despite spending a number of hours each week working in Flick Drummond's campaign office.

These included local councillor Ben Dowling closely followed by Nassar Kessell, Suzy Horton and another former Tory, Lee Hunt.

He was also allegedly seen behaving strangely at a Conservatives Road Trip 2015 event attended by Michael Gove in the constituency last year too.

Last week, former Council Leader and Liberal Democrats Councillor Gerald Vernon Jackson tweeted: "Great to have ex Tory council candidate saying he is much better treated as an activist now that he is an Lib Dem."

Ironically, up until last year Owen was one of the leading members of Flick Drummond's campaign team with responsibility for the input of crucial canvassing data. This was a role also held by former Tory Lee Hunt when he worked for Caroline Dineage's Campaign Team in 2005 before he too jumped ship to the Lib Dems.

Whilst TBG is not suggesting that any data has been either stolen or leaked, when TBG's roving reporter Geoff Brooking canvassed Owen's house in the city with other Tories on 22nd November he showed no signs that he had jumped ship.

Today's news that the Lib Dems may have had a plant inside the Tories comes less than one year after TBG itself was caught having its own plant in Ukip.

The distinction this time though is, where as Geoff Brooking was a plant for TBG and not the Conservative Party, it seems increasingly likely that Owen was a plant in the Tories but for the Liberal Democrats.