EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem Denies Infiltrating Portsmouth South Conservatives.

Shaun Owen with Tory Candidate Flick Drumond at local Thatcher memorial

Former Tory Volunteer Shaun Owen has today sensationally denied rumours that he infiltrated Portsmouth South Conservatives before jumping ship to Gerald Vernon Jackson's Liberal Democrats.

In an exclusive interview with TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking, Owen says that the reasons he left the party were as follows:

"Firstly, when the Conservatives took control of the council they were in it for power like trippers which I don't like."

"Secondly, sitting in the Full Council Meeting on 15th July 2014 they discussed a Youth Parliament motion and I felt is was disgusting because the council indicated that close political relationships with looking after children, through associations such as the youth parliament are not advised or encouraged."

"Thirdly, the Conservatives didn't seem to like that I was talking to Lib Dems. I wasn't going to just blank them because they are from a different party. I am a people person."

"Fourthly, I did so much for the Conservatives and I felt I was the only one that was doing work."

"Fifthly, I was spoken to rudely by Chris Scott from CCHQ in a room full of people just for asking a simple question which was that they for they paid canvassers yet team leaders like me and Geoff Brooking got nothing."

"I emailed Stephen Gilbert making a complaint on they day it happened which was 23rd July 2014 but I got no response, I emailed CCHQ on 24th July 2014 but got no response. I wrote to David Cameron and got a letter back saying I did the right thing and this would be looked into yet again I got no response yet again."

"I wasn't just going to leave it."

"The more weeks that went by and I never heard anything the more I became really put off and the more I was getting angry that I was spoken to so rudely by a member from CCHQ so much so that i wasn't prepared to renew my membership."

"In my opinion you don't treat your volunteers like crap."

"I gave lots of hours of my time helping and got nothing to show for it."

"Flick Drummond never gave me back up, she wouldn't listen to anyone, made stupid decisions and the way she spoke to her campaign manager was appalling."

"And Seventhly, when i got back home from being at the office I was so stressed out it made an impact on my relationship with Jacqui, my ex partner who made me resign from the campaign team after what went on with Chris Scott."

"My membership of the Conservatives ran out on 19th August 2014 and didn't renew."

"I am not happy at the new Tory regime cutting services in Portsmouth, Cameron's lies about the dockyard, and CCHQ running the campaign in Portsmouth South because those in London don't know Portsmouth."

"Flick should be running her campaign - not them!"

"I Joined the Liberal Democrats on 1st November 2014 after having had a discussion with Nassar Kessell and explaining what happened."

"Gerald Vernon Jackson got in touch with me after Nassar informed him and it went from there."

Being in the Lib Dems I am less stressed and feel better in myself, I know Gerald is not a power tripper and that he looks after his volunteers by making me feel welcome and appreciating my efforts."

"Every Lib Dem works with each other as a team unlike the Conservatives."

"Overall, I felt this was the best decision because the Lib Dems Are for People not for Power."

Flick Drummond responded exclusively to tbg earlier by saying:

"I think he will fall out of love with the Lib Dems too once he realised what they are really like!"