EXCLUSIVE: Annie Shock & Outrage at Hancock.

THE LADY who was subjected to the advances of the former Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock has today exclusively told TBG that she is "shocked and outraged" at his decision to stand for re-election.

Annie told roving reporter Geoff Brooking this morning that she, "does not believe anyone could have such audacity."

"I find it repugnant."

"Every time I see his face I am forced to re-live the whole trauma and ordeal."

"He should have resigned from public office long ago."

Meanwhile, both Gerald Vernon Jackson and Mike Hancock who are set to face each other in a Portsmouth News debate on April 23rd at the Portland Building in the city have entered yet another slagging match with each other.

GVJ says Hancock has no chance of winning the Portsmouth South seat.

However, Hancock has today replied to this saying:

"I was surprised to hear he was phoning around to check people's loyalty."

"Gerald can think what he likes."

"I got him out of more jams than I can care to remember."

TBG would love to learn more!