Cabinet Ministers Clash on Campaign Trail.

TWO Cabinet Ministers were in Portsmouth on the same day over the weekend and both had differing opinions as regards the future of the city.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told an audience of Lib Dems at the Spinnaker Tower that he would fight to increase shipbuilding in the city and to increase investment into defence.

"Do not believe a word the Conservative candidate in Portsmouth says. People do not want an ideological experiment in cuts."

"There are 18 days to go and we need to work very hard for the sake of the people in Portsmouth and for the sake of the Royal Navy."

"Gerald Vernon-Jackson has lived within his means yet protected local public services in Portsmouth."

"He has brought millions into the city and extended the number of primary school places by 1,000."

"It is a fantastic record for a man and he is not even MP yet."

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking whilst out canvassing in the Fratton area of the city:

"Portsmouth is a key seat that we are targeting to win from the Liberal Democrats to get a Conservative majority government."

"We are making our arguments directly to the voters who are thinking about what kind of government they want in Westminster after May 7."

"They are considering whether they want David Cameron to lead the government or whether they are prepared to have the chaos of a government led by Ed Milliband and propped up by the SNP."

Meanwhile mystery surrounds how residents in the Portsmouth North constituency last week found flyers were posted through their doors supporting Portsmouth South candidate Flick Drummond.

Mrs Drummond told TBG:

"I apologise."

"Some of our deliverers are probably very enthusiastic in their leafleting and did it by mistake."

"The south side of Powerscourt Road is Portsmouth South and the north side is Portsmouth North."

"So it just means that some of our deliverers have gone down both sides."