Welsh Votes at 16 Devo Package 'Failed' Say Tory Activists.

WALES will not have the power to lower its voting age to 16 in what's been described as a "failed devolution package" by Tory activists, TBG can reveal.

Secretary of State for Wales Stephen Crabb MP has been caught-out confirming that Wales will not get same powers as Scotland to lower its voting age to 16 for its Welsh Assembly elections.

In a letter seen by TBG, Tory MP Crabb says: "I consider it crucial that issues relating to Assembly elections are considered as a coherent package, within the St David’s Day process, and are not dealt with in isolation.

"No parliamentary provision has, therefore, been made to alter the franchise for Assembly elections or to devolve to the Assembly the power to decide whether 16 and 17 years olds could vote in the 2016 Assembly elections."

A young Welsh Tory activist told TBG: "Stephen Crabb has failed to produced a good devolution package. We should be given powers over Prisons and Policing, Rail Infrastructure, Criminal Justice and Courts, something Scotland and Northern Ireland get.

"The decision to devolve Air Passenger Duty is good, but failure to devolve other issues such as the ones listed and Votes at 16 in time for next years Assembly Elections is unjustified and wrong!"

Plaid leader Leanne Wood also slammed the decision saying: "There is widespread agreement that there is need to engage young people in the political process but the Secretary of State is refusing to allow the National Assembly the chance to give votes to 16 and 17-year-olds. It should be a matter for the Assembly anyway, not Westminster."