Vernon Jackson Says Hancock Hasn't Got a Chance of Winning.

Gerald Vernon Jackson says it's a race between him and the Tories

The General Election campaign had barely been going this morning before two old chums were at each others throats.

Yes, TBG can sensationally reveal that as well as the Ukip candidate in Portsmouth South being under pressure to quit over sleaze allegations both Mike Hancock and Gerald Vernon Jackson are to stand against EACH OTHER.

It's not so long since the two were comrades with each other but judging by Gerald's comments this morning there's not much love between the two at all.

Gerald Vernon-Jackson tells today's Portsmouth News that incumbent his former friend and party colleague "does not stand a chance of winning" and that he "believes it is a two-horse race between himself and Conservative Flick Drummond."

Hancock resigned from the Liberal Democrats in June 2013 and then lost his Fratton seat on Portsmouth City Council last May.

He told BBC News: "I'm going to stand for sure, I've made this decision because my health is so much better and I think I owe it to a lot of people who have supported me. Once you've been an MP for as long as I have it's hard to just walk away."

"I think if enough people realise that I'm like everyone, I'm a fallible human being who made a mistake but paid a very high price for it."

The news that Hancock is standing was treated with caution by Conservative candidate Flick Drummond who told TBG that she is "entirely focused on policy rather than personality" and that "it is up to the voters to decide who is the best candidate."