Shock & Awe: Smears And Lies in Election War For Portsmouth.

Pompey Troops in battle

REMEMBER Donna Jones last week from hell. On that occasion it all culminated with the Leader of Portsmouth City Council being caught red-handed for calling her opposite number Gerald "Vermin" Jackson.

Well, TBG can sensationally reveal that on the eve of the Conservatives selection contest in Fareham we received an anonymous email using similar language.

The similar toned email towards the Lib Dems candidate for Portsmouth South also contained a remarkable factual error about the Lib Dems candidate for Paulsgrove in the forthcoming council election, Nassar Kassell.

TBG is not in any way suggesting that Donna Jones was behind the anonymous email that also suggested that Kassell had been suspended by the Lib Dems for an alleged run-in with Mike Hancock's victim 'Annie' at a recent council meeting.

However, whilst Lib Dems spokesperson Ben Dowling has told TBG that Kassell has not been suspended the row hasn't gone away.

As well as allegations still doing the rounds that Kassell and 'Annie' don't exactly get on with each other (especially at council meetings), it's also emerged that leading Lib Dems councillor David Fuller has also been getting up 'Annie's' nose so much so that she is now on the verge of making an official complaint to the council's Monitoring Officer Michael Lawther.

Meanwhile, poor Donna Jones has had ANOTHER week from hell. This time it culminated in her being sensationally DEFEATED in her bid to be the next Conservative Party candidate for Fareham.

Jones was humiliated into third out of four in the hustings vote won by the dynamic Suella Fernandes.

Ms Fernandes, a barrister from London and a Millionaire Oxbridge Graduate, told TBG that she was looking forward to standing in Fareham: "I am thrilled, delighted and excited, if a little bit nervous. It is a real honour to have this opportunity to serve the borough of Fareham in Parliament."

The news comes on the same day a new poll gave the Conservatives a three point lead over Labour by 35% to 32% suggesting a second successive hung parliament but with projections now suggesting that the Lib Dems could be down to as low as just seven seats after election day TBG thinks that interesting times lay ahead.

TBG's own Geoff Brooking has an exclusive interview with Havant Tory candidate Alan Mak booked in for Saturday, so stay tuned to TBG next week to read all about it!