Pressure Mounts on Prima Donna.

REMEMBER how TBG reported last week that Portsmouth Council Leader Donna Jones had started to upset the Labour Group Leader John Ferrett as regards her plans to scrap a bus lane into the city?

Well it turns out that discontent with Prima Donna is growing by the day.

The latest is that the Leader of Portsmouth City Council has come under heavy criticism for failing to write to the Prime Minister about the future of shipbuilding despite telling a Full Meeting of the Council last Tuesday that she would write to David Cameron by Friday which she has not done despite a motion backed by Ukip, the Lib Dems and Labour was passed.

Leader of the Labour Group John Ferrett, who crucially supported her to become Council Leader last year, told TBG:

"It’s inexcusable for the letter not to have been written – this has been the most important issue for the city over the past 18 months. The majority of the council – including one member of her own group – wanted this."

"Donna herself abstained from voting against it so therefore she’s not completely against it and is showing some support."

"But to not have written the letter is inexcusable as she had an instruction that she should have carried out. She hasn’t given an adequate excuse."

"She has two members of staff that take care of letters and correspondence for her. All that needed to be done was a dictation of the terms of motion and her signature."

Liberal Democrats Group Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson is far from happy too saying:

"I’m not happy the letter hasn’t been written because it’s about securing jobs for Portsmouth. Writing this letter is not difficult – but it is hugely important which is why I’m disappointed it hasn’t been done.

"It’s really simple to do and would only take five minutes – Donna has had since Tuesday and that’s just not good enough."

TBG can't help thinking that with the General Election Campaign now just one week away this won't be the end of the matter.