EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Treasurer Sacked as Discontent Grows With South East Leadership.

SACKED: Matthew Snape [left] let go by Chairman Theodora Dickonson [right]

SOUTH-EAST Conservative Future (CF) Treasurer Matthew Snape has sensationally been sacked by Regional Chairman Theodora Dickinson after a furore over setting up a bank account, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Snape has been South East CF Treasurer since August 2014 but was unceremoniously relieved of his duties this week after being accused of taking too long to set up a bank account leading to financial inactivity for the Region.

Sources say Matthew Snape asserts that Dickinson said she would set up the bank account but this "faced many delays".

Once the account was set up by Chairman Dickinson it's understood that Snape offered to meet up with Theodora to hand over the paperwork as the documents were considered too sensitive to post by Snape, "But she refused to understand that and sacked him last night for delaying setting up the bank account" - sources from the heart of South East CF claim.

Conservative Future South East activists have told TBG that Snape apparently now blames Dickinson for, "there not being any fundraising events and no money being brought in."

South East CF Chairman Theodora Dickinson has recently come under fire for allegedly "shipping in an unelected as president", before getting rid and replacing her with "somebody nobody ever heard of" at Oxford Brookes Conservative Association, according to sources.

One member of Oxford Brookes said - "Dickinson has taken complete control of Oxford Brookes Conservatives (which breaches her manifesto promise last year of not interfering in branches). Also, she has made herself admin of their Facebook page and reduced people who are on their committee to editors!"