EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader Paterson is 'Up For a Fight'.

Conservative Future Chairman's Diary (pt.3)

Today marks the start of the General Election short campaign and the battle is on! We have 37 days left until the election and now is the time for all hands on deck. It’s going to be an exhausting few weeks but I’m up for a fight.

Last week saw the Chancellor announce his 2015 Budget and David Cameron win the Sky/Channel 4 Leaders Debate. It was great to see the return of Jeremy Paxman to the political interview. I have to say watching Ed Miliband get torn apart by Paxo was like watching Ben Swain get annihilated in The Thick of It.

This last week has seen some great news for members of Conservative Future, the lovely Helen Chandler-Wilde won the Presidency of UCL Tories and Daniel Hamilton was selected as the PPC for Stockport. They’re both fantastic party activists and we will definitely see bright things from them in the future.

This weekend I campaigned in Great Yarmouth with Roadtrip2015 for Brandon Lewis. Great Yarmouth is a seat that we absolutely need to hold on May 7th. After a great day of GOTV we had fish and chips on the sea front and then free drinks later. A great and somewhat surreal moment of the weekend was a DanceStar competition on Saturday night with fellow activist Siobhan Aarons at the pier arcade, which I definitely won.

Also happening on the Westminster scene last week was the launch party of Parliament Street’s book Smart Government with Dr Liam Fox MP as the guest speaker.

Now a word of warning to all Conservative Future members… things are really going to start heating up in the political world and the world is watching everything that we do. I need all members of CF to take extra care of everything you put on Facebook/twitter/Instagram and watch what you say in public.

I’ll be monitoring social media very closely and any going outside this will result in one of my famous A-Patz hairdryer treatment phone calls! Ok guys lecture over, well done so far and let’s win this thing.