EXCLUSIVE: Labour Donor Exposed By Tory MP Over Private Health Links.

LABOUR are this morning in crisis after Crawley MP Henry Smith and TBG sensationally discovered over the weekend that one of it's top donors is a major stakeholder in a private health company that is believed to be targeting NHS contracts.

TBG understands that Martin Taylor has given the party £600,000 in the last three years and has also had a private meeting with Leader Ed Miliband.

Yet TBG can also expose that Mr. Taylor owns the Nevsky Capital Fund which has a £10 Million stake in United Health.

United Health UK, its arm in this country, has run a number of GP surgeries over the past few years.

However, the firm was fined tens of millions of dollars in the USA for allegations it over-charged patients.

The news has this morning rocked the Labour Party on the back of Health Spokesman Andy Burnham recently throwing around accusations that the Conservatives want to privatise the NHS.

Labour has refused to deny the claims but TBG is still awaiting a response from Andy Burnham's Press Officer Philip Ball.

The news has sparked a major political row with Crawley MP Smith accusing Ed Miliband of, "spreading pathetic smears about the government, but at the same time took buckets of cash from someone who made millions from the health privatisations that Labour started."

Another MP, David Morris, has weighed in too telling TBG: "Ed Miliband has been hand-in-hand with union bosses scaremongering about a fictitious sell-off of the NHS while secretly and gleefully taking cash from the very people he has demonised."

"Ed Miliband simply cannot be trusted and would cause chaos in power."