Chancellor Osborne's Gone From Zero to Hero.

What George Osborne's 2015 Budget yet again shows is how the Conservatives remain on the side of the hard working, law abiding and tax paying citizens who want to play by the rules and get on in life.

The overall mountain of debt that was left behind by Labour, much due to their own economic spokesperson Ed Balls, may not have been wiped out but the overall percentage of debt linked to GDP has fell by half and that is a good start.

Add to this the news that unemployment has fallen yet again and that our economy has been completely turned around and you have to say that the Conservatives policies have done the trick.

With tax allowances up, bureaucracy down, and people being encouraged to save more than ever before you really have to take your hat off to George Osborne.

Mr Osborne has gone from being seen as a zero-rated Chancellor by some just a few years ago to a hero-rated Chancellor who now stands on the brink of helping David Cameron secure the first Conservative Government with an outright majority since the days of John Major in 1992.

As I have already said, anything else other than sticking by the Conservatives Long Term Economic Plan would be a wreckless u-turn back to the days of higher taxes and higher spending that would ultimately lead to higher interest rates and a lack of security that Britain does not deserve.

Which is why the 2015 Budget has brought Britain to a major crossroads.

They have the choice of a return to the days of the left wing socialist rot we all saw under Gordon Brown but this time under Ed Miliband and his new found friend Nicola Sturgeon that would completely undermine the whole union of the United Kingdom or the continuation of Britain's recovery from the last mess behind under David Cameron and George Osborne's successful policies of reducing the deficit, cutting income tax, freezing fuel duty, creating more jobs and above all delivering the best schools and skills for young people.

I know where I stand and in the interests of the Conservatives getting that outright majority I encourage everybody else to follow suit.