Cameron Running Scared of TV Debates.

Cameron should stand up and be counted, afterall he has a good message to sell

AT Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said, "I welcome the debates, and let’s get on with them before the campaign".

On Wednesday evening, Downing Street confirmed that he will take part in only ONE televised debate, providing it was before March 30th. Several Party Leaders including Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Leanne Wood are frustrated with the Prime Minister with Wood saying, "It can’t be dictated by one party".

Senior members were also reported to try and save David Cameron as the Leader of the Conservative Party, in the event of a second general election in the autumn, and also if Ed Miliband does become Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has however said, "If I cannot give Britain a referendum on EU Membership, I will resign".

One Conservative Future (CF) activist stated: "I was beginning to think Cameron was standing up for the Greens and welcomed the fact that the public wanted the Greens in the debates. However, although he is standing up for the Democratic Unionist Party, he has now said only ONE debate, which is clearly not enough".

"I therefore have come to the conclusion, he is trying to wriggle out of the debates and if he does not take part in all three debates, he will lose the election easily, with four Socialist parties in the televised debates, the left vote will split, but Cameron will lose 100,000s votes to UKIP and Labour overall".

Later this month CF Chairman Paterson will be taking on Youth Leaders of the Greens, UKIP, Lib Dems and Labour, but is more notably known to be excited in debating the leader of Young Independence Jack Duffin, especially after his defection from the Conservatives to UKIP only three years ago.