Alex Salmond Wants to Hold Our National Parliament to Ransom.

One of the biggest dangers I believe that Britain faces if David Cameron does not win a majority at the General Election is that of Alex Salmond.

The very man who not so long ago wanted to break up the United Kingdom by making Scotland Independent now wants to cause trouble south of the border by holding Ed Miliband and our own national parliament to ransom by demanding more spending in Scotland, more migrants be allowed into Britain with unlimited benefits, HS2 be extended to Scotland and by wanting the scrapping of Trident to be his own party's red-line issues.

This would mean nothing but complete and utter chaos for every single hard-working, tax-paying and law-abiding citizen who has played by the rules during the austerity we have had to endure in the last five years just to clear up Labour's last mess.

People must realise that the only way to protect Trident, keep Britain together and to safeguard our economy is by voting Conservative otherwise all the efforts to balance the books will cease and both state spending and state borrowing will get back out of control and return us all back to 2010.

Do the British people really want to return the economic keys back to the very people who crashed the car in the first place and failed to fix the roof when the sun was shining down?

Do the British people really want to suffer slower growth, higher interest rates and the economic instability that this would cause?

I think not!

Alex Salmond may have his price to prop up Ed Miliband but I tell every reader - it is the hardworking taxpaying and law-abiding citizens of the United Kingdom who would ultimately pay the price with higher taxes, more debt and weaker defences and in my opinion it is a price Britain cannot afford to pay and the very reason why we need to stick with David Cameron regardless of how much longer he wishes to serve as our magnificent Prime Minister of our brilliant United Kingdom.