EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader Paterson is 'Up For a Fight'.

Conservative Future Chairman's Diary (pt.3)

Today marks the start of the General Election short campaign and the battle is on! We have 37 days left until the election and now is the time for all hands on deck. It’s going to be an exhausting few weeks but I’m up for a fight.

Last week saw the Chancellor announce his 2015 Budget and David Cameron win the Sky/Channel 4 Leaders Debate. It was great to see the return of Jeremy Paxman to the political interview. I have to say watching Ed Miliband get torn apart by Paxo was like watching Ben Swain get annihilated in The Thick of It.

This last week has seen some great news for members of Conservative Future, the lovely Helen Chandler-Wilde won the Presidency of UCL Tories and Daniel Hamilton was selected as the PPC for Stockport. They’re both fantastic party activists and we will definitely see bright things from them in the future.

This weekend I campaigned in Great Yarmouth with Roadtrip2015 for Brandon Lewis. Great Yarmouth is a seat that we absolutely need to hold on May 7th. After a great day of GOTV we had fish and chips on the sea front and then free drinks later. A great and somewhat surreal moment of the weekend was a DanceStar competition on Saturday night with fellow activist Siobhan Aarons at the pier arcade, which I definitely won.

Also happening on the Westminster scene last week was the launch party of Parliament Street’s book Smart Government with Dr Liam Fox MP as the guest speaker.

Now a word of warning to all Conservative Future members… things are really going to start heating up in the political world and the world is watching everything that we do. I need all members of CF to take extra care of everything you put on Facebook/twitter/Instagram and watch what you say in public.

I’ll be monitoring social media very closely and any going outside this will result in one of my famous A-Patz hairdryer treatment phone calls! Ok guys lecture over, well done so far and let’s win this thing.

Vernon Jackson Says Hancock Hasn't Got a Chance of Winning.

Gerald Vernon Jackson says it's a race between him and the Tories

The General Election campaign had barely been going this morning before two old chums were at each others throats.

Yes, TBG can sensationally reveal that as well as the Ukip candidate in Portsmouth South being under pressure to quit over sleaze allegations both Mike Hancock and Gerald Vernon Jackson are to stand against EACH OTHER.

It's not so long since the two were comrades with each other but judging by Gerald's comments this morning there's not much love between the two at all.

Gerald Vernon-Jackson tells today's Portsmouth News that incumbent his former friend and party colleague "does not stand a chance of winning" and that he "believes it is a two-horse race between himself and Conservative Flick Drummond."

Hancock resigned from the Liberal Democrats in June 2013 and then lost his Fratton seat on Portsmouth City Council last May.

He told BBC News: "I'm going to stand for sure, I've made this decision because my health is so much better and I think I owe it to a lot of people who have supported me. Once you've been an MP for as long as I have it's hard to just walk away."

"I think if enough people realise that I'm like everyone, I'm a fallible human being who made a mistake but paid a very high price for it."

The news that Hancock is standing was treated with caution by Conservative candidate Flick Drummond who told TBG that she is "entirely focused on policy rather than personality" and that "it is up to the voters to decide who is the best candidate."

EXCLUSIVE: More UKIP Candidates Under Pressure to Stand Down.

AFTER Tim Wilson, who was due to stand for UKIP in South Northamptonshire against the sitting Conservative Andrea Leadsom, pulled out and replaced by Eric Macanndrais, TBG can reveal two more candidates that are also under pressure today.

Mr Wilson decided not to stand in South Northamptonshire after UKIP's only MEP in Scotland, David Coburn, compared the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow, Humza Yousaf, to convicted terrorist Abu Hamza.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said Mr Coburn's remarks were a "joke in poor taste" but he would not be taking any action against him.

TBG now understands that another candidate under severe pressure is Barrister Stephen Howd who was due to stand in Scunthorpe and was suspended by the party after a complaint of harassment was made against him at work, only to have his suspension lifted a couple of days ago.

The second candidate under pressure is Portsmouth South Candidate Steve Harris as regards two new allegations TBG has exclusively received from the time when he was a UKIP Regional Organiser.

The first which TBG is still investigating, concerns his alleged involvement in running an office given to UKIP by supporters John and Julia Longhurst called ‘The Old Grain Store’ rent-free 15 years ago.

The store was at the heart of a UKIP expenses scandal last year

The second allegation surrounds actions Harris allegedly took against former Crawley UKIP Chairman John MacCanna who was removed from the position he had held for more than four years over "Unsubstantiated Racism Claims" allegedly posted on the UKIP Crawley Facebook page. Only to be replaced by a man who, it turns out, had closed three businesses with nearly £42,000 of unpaid County Court Judgements.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Treasurer Sacked as Discontent Grows With South East Leadership.

SACKED: Matthew Snape [left] let go by Chairman Theodora Dickonson [right]

SOUTH-EAST Conservative Future (CF) Treasurer Matthew Snape has sensationally been sacked by Regional Chairman Theodora Dickinson after a furore over setting up a bank account, TBG can exclusively reveal.

Snape has been South East CF Treasurer since August 2014 but was unceremoniously relieved of his duties this week after being accused of taking too long to set up a bank account leading to financial inactivity for the Region.

Sources say Matthew Snape asserts that Dickinson said she would set up the bank account but this "faced many delays".

Once the account was set up by Chairman Dickinson it's understood that Snape offered to meet up with Theodora to hand over the paperwork as the documents were considered too sensitive to post by Snape, "But she refused to understand that and sacked him last night for delaying setting up the bank account" - sources from the heart of South East CF claim.

Conservative Future South East activists have told TBG that Snape apparently now blames Dickinson for, "there not being any fundraising events and no money being brought in."

South East CF Chairman Theodora Dickinson has recently come under fire for allegedly "shipping in an unelected as president", before getting rid and replacing her with "somebody nobody ever heard of" at Oxford Brookes Conservative Association, according to sources.

One member of Oxford Brookes said - "Dickinson has taken complete control of Oxford Brookes Conservatives (which breaches her manifesto promise last year of not interfering in branches). Also, she has made herself admin of their Facebook page and reduced people who are on their committee to editors!"

Alex Salmond Wants to Hold Our National Parliament to Ransom.

One of the biggest dangers I believe that Britain faces if David Cameron does not win a majority at the General Election is that of Alex Salmond.

The very man who not so long ago wanted to break up the United Kingdom by making Scotland Independent now wants to cause trouble south of the border by holding Ed Miliband and our own national parliament to ransom by demanding more spending in Scotland, more migrants be allowed into Britain with unlimited benefits, HS2 be extended to Scotland and by wanting the scrapping of Trident to be his own party's red-line issues.

This would mean nothing but complete and utter chaos for every single hard-working, tax-paying and law-abiding citizen who has played by the rules during the austerity we have had to endure in the last five years just to clear up Labour's last mess.

People must realise that the only way to protect Trident, keep Britain together and to safeguard our economy is by voting Conservative otherwise all the efforts to balance the books will cease and both state spending and state borrowing will get back out of control and return us all back to 2010.

Do the British people really want to return the economic keys back to the very people who crashed the car in the first place and failed to fix the roof when the sun was shining down?

Do the British people really want to suffer slower growth, higher interest rates and the economic instability that this would cause?

I think not!

Alex Salmond may have his price to prop up Ed Miliband but I tell every reader - it is the hardworking taxpaying and law-abiding citizens of the United Kingdom who would ultimately pay the price with higher taxes, more debt and weaker defences and in my opinion it is a price Britain cannot afford to pay and the very reason why we need to stick with David Cameron regardless of how much longer he wishes to serve as our magnificent Prime Minister of our brilliant United Kingdom.

Tory Turncoat Robin Hunter-Clarke on Tour.

ANYONE would think he was a pop star.

TBG can today sensationally reveal that Tory turncoat Robin Hunter-Clarke, who is bidding to become the youngest MP of 2015 for UKIP is currently on tour.

Kipper Hunter-Clarke has been holding a series of public meetings in the run-up to the general election to meet potential voters. He's already graced his presence on Saturday March 7 at Kirton Town Hall, Saturday March 14 at New Bolingbrooke Village Community Group, Saturday March 21 at the Three Horse Shoes in Leverton.

Hunter-Clarke is set to wrap up his grueling tour schedule on Saturday March 28 at the Seaview Pub in Skegness at 2pm and Saturday April 18 at Wainfleet Coronation Hall at 2pm.

Hunter-Clarke told last week's Skegness Standard:

"I am out and about every single day knocking on as many doors as possible. It is just impossible to knock on everyone’s door, but the team and I are doing our best to do so – in order to speak to as many of you as possible."

"I will therefore also be holding a series of public meetings, in order to outline exactly what UKIP wants to achieve, what I will do if the people elect me as their next Member of Parliament, and why we desperately need real change. I will be joined at public meetings by various guest speakers - to be announced."

EXCLUSIVE: Ayling on The Brink After Grimsby UKIP Branch Support Split.

[Pic source]

ANOTHER PPC said to be under serious pressure to resign today is Ukip's candidate in Great Grimsby Victoria Ayling, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Over the weekend a tape recording emerged suggesting a split in her local UK Independence Party over support for her.

Today, TBG has been told that the split in the party is so big that sensational and humiliating exposes of her are "more than likely" to surface during the General Election campaign.

TBG understands that this involves "alleged racism" involving the would-be MP and "compromising photos of her."

Ayling lost out by just 714 votes as a Tory candidate when she stood for the seat held by Austin Mitchell for Labour in 2010.

Since then though she has jumped ship to Ukip but TBG understands from its source that "the local UKIP party is clearly a shambles and in complete disarray arguing at the eleventh hour that they selected the wrong candidate."

One Tory told TBG: "If they select the wrong candidate for the General Election then we couldn't trust UKIP to make any decisions on our behalf if they had any power?"

In 2013 the Mail on Sunday alleged that Ayling was a member of the far-Right National Front and attended its rallies as a student whilst another newspaper unveiled video footage of Mrs Ayling saying that "all immigrants to Britain should be sent back home."

TBG thinks her past is coming back to haunt her and isn't ruling out a shock victory in Great Grimsby for the high profile Tory Marc Jones.

Labour MP Under Pressure to Resign as Candidate.

[Pic source] Hopkins and Labour MP Danczuk clash over race relations in Rochdale

LABOUR MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk is sensationally under pressure to become the second parliamentary candidate in a matter of days to resign as a Parliamentary candidate, TBG can reveal.

It follows a dramatic twist of events in the last few days that have seen him call both the Leader Ed Miliband and Deputy Harriet Harman "f***ing knobs", complain that his constituency has between 600 and 800 asylum seekers living there, and have a huge Twitter spat with businesswoman and media columnist Katie Hopkins

The controversial MP, who was at the side of Gillian Duffy during the 2010 General Election when she gave Gordon Brown a bit of her mind and is a close friend of the Labour councillor Richard Farnell who made sensationalised false allegations against TBG reporter Geoff Brooking in 2013 is even, according to one source, said to be suffering from "stress" already even though the General election Campaign doesn't start until Monday.

One Labour source told TBG that, "for a Labour MP to speak in such a tone of language is disgusting. This is not the end of the matter".

In an article for the New Statesman Danczuk also accused the Labour Leader of "being more of a toff than David Cameron" and of being "an electoral liability who fails to connect."

This afternoon it was reported that Danczuk had the bust up on Twitter with the broadcaster Katie Hopkins after she responded to a picture the Rochdale MP posted of himself with two friends and the flag of Pakistan.

Businesswoman and media columnist Hopkins, who appeared as a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother, hit out at the Danczuk's tweet but he posted back immediately, saying the businesswoman could ‘start a fight in an empty room’ and that he wouldn’t take ‘lessons in community cohesion’ from her.

Coming from an MP complaining about asylum seekers in his own constituency TBG smells double standards.

The online spat drew hundreds of re-tweets and was followed by thousands of Twitter users, who posted comments in support of them both.

Hopkins responded to the MP’s reply on community cohesion with the post: "Do NOT lecture me on community cohesion, fool."

He replied: "Why don’t you ask families of victims here what they think of my stance on this issue? Your racist generalisation doesn’t help."

Hopkins posted an image of men convicted of offences in relation to the grooming scandal, with the words: "Are these your friends too @SimonDanczuk? Is this why you are raising the Pakistani flag in Rochdale? 77 years inside."

He replied to her: "I know the damage these men did as I’ve sat with victims and supported them. Our community is healing and yr vitriol won’t stop this."

Hopkins posted: "Listen @SimonDanczuk - I’ll come to Rochdale, raise the British flag and explain why NO ONE messes with our white girls. Sod your PC tripe."

In a later post, Mr Danczuk added: "Rochdale has had its problems and no one has spoken on grooming more than me. But to equate every Pakistani with grooming is a racist slur."

Danczuk was also recently censured by the parliamentary authorities for late declarations of almost £20,000 in payments – the bulk of which are from his book exposing his Liberal predecessor Cyril Smith.

EXCLUSIVE: Labour Donor Exposed By Tory MP Over Private Health Links.

LABOUR are this morning in crisis after Crawley MP Henry Smith and TBG sensationally discovered over the weekend that one of it's top donors is a major stakeholder in a private health company that is believed to be targeting NHS contracts.

TBG understands that Martin Taylor has given the party £600,000 in the last three years and has also had a private meeting with Leader Ed Miliband.

Yet TBG can also expose that Mr. Taylor owns the Nevsky Capital Fund which has a £10 Million stake in United Health.

United Health UK, its arm in this country, has run a number of GP surgeries over the past few years.

However, the firm was fined tens of millions of dollars in the USA for allegations it over-charged patients.

The news has this morning rocked the Labour Party on the back of Health Spokesman Andy Burnham recently throwing around accusations that the Conservatives want to privatise the NHS.

Labour has refused to deny the claims but TBG is still awaiting a response from Andy Burnham's Press Officer Philip Ball.

The news has sparked a major political row with Crawley MP Smith accusing Ed Miliband of, "spreading pathetic smears about the government, but at the same time took buckets of cash from someone who made millions from the health privatisations that Labour started."

Another MP, David Morris, has weighed in too telling TBG: "Ed Miliband has been hand-in-hand with union bosses scaremongering about a fictitious sell-off of the NHS while secretly and gleefully taking cash from the very people he has demonised."

"Ed Miliband simply cannot be trusted and would cause chaos in power."

Pressure Mounts on Prima Donna.

REMEMBER how TBG reported last week that Portsmouth Council Leader Donna Jones had started to upset the Labour Group Leader John Ferrett as regards her plans to scrap a bus lane into the city?

Well it turns out that discontent with Prima Donna is growing by the day.

The latest is that the Leader of Portsmouth City Council has come under heavy criticism for failing to write to the Prime Minister about the future of shipbuilding despite telling a Full Meeting of the Council last Tuesday that she would write to David Cameron by Friday which she has not done despite a motion backed by Ukip, the Lib Dems and Labour was passed.

Leader of the Labour Group John Ferrett, who crucially supported her to become Council Leader last year, told TBG:

"It’s inexcusable for the letter not to have been written – this has been the most important issue for the city over the past 18 months. The majority of the council – including one member of her own group – wanted this."

"Donna herself abstained from voting against it so therefore she’s not completely against it and is showing some support."

"But to not have written the letter is inexcusable as she had an instruction that she should have carried out. She hasn’t given an adequate excuse."

"She has two members of staff that take care of letters and correspondence for her. All that needed to be done was a dictation of the terms of motion and her signature."

Liberal Democrats Group Leader Gerald Vernon Jackson is far from happy too saying:

"I’m not happy the letter hasn’t been written because it’s about securing jobs for Portsmouth. Writing this letter is not difficult – but it is hugely important which is why I’m disappointed it hasn’t been done.

"It’s really simple to do and would only take five minutes – Donna has had since Tuesday and that’s just not good enough."

TBG can't help thinking that with the General Election Campaign now just one week away this won't be the end of the matter.

Chancellor Osborne's Gone From Zero to Hero.

What George Osborne's 2015 Budget yet again shows is how the Conservatives remain on the side of the hard working, law abiding and tax paying citizens who want to play by the rules and get on in life.

The overall mountain of debt that was left behind by Labour, much due to their own economic spokesperson Ed Balls, may not have been wiped out but the overall percentage of debt linked to GDP has fell by half and that is a good start.

Add to this the news that unemployment has fallen yet again and that our economy has been completely turned around and you have to say that the Conservatives policies have done the trick.

With tax allowances up, bureaucracy down, and people being encouraged to save more than ever before you really have to take your hat off to George Osborne.

Mr Osborne has gone from being seen as a zero-rated Chancellor by some just a few years ago to a hero-rated Chancellor who now stands on the brink of helping David Cameron secure the first Conservative Government with an outright majority since the days of John Major in 1992.

As I have already said, anything else other than sticking by the Conservatives Long Term Economic Plan would be a wreckless u-turn back to the days of higher taxes and higher spending that would ultimately lead to higher interest rates and a lack of security that Britain does not deserve.

Which is why the 2015 Budget has brought Britain to a major crossroads.

They have the choice of a return to the days of the left wing socialist rot we all saw under Gordon Brown but this time under Ed Miliband and his new found friend Nicola Sturgeon that would completely undermine the whole union of the United Kingdom or the continuation of Britain's recovery from the last mess behind under David Cameron and George Osborne's successful policies of reducing the deficit, cutting income tax, freezing fuel duty, creating more jobs and above all delivering the best schools and skills for young people.

I know where I stand and in the interests of the Conservatives getting that outright majority I encourage everybody else to follow suit.

Tory Candidate Brands UKIP Voters as Racist.

THE starting gun for the General Election Campaign in Portsmouth South has today been fired in truly spectacular fashion.

Speaking directly to the Ukip candidate Steve Harris at a political hustings in the constituency, Conservative Flick Drummond said, "Steve, you might not be racist, but the people voting for you are because I meet them every day on the doorstep!"

Whilst Flick Drummond has this morning said that some of the reporting of her comments has been taken out of context TBG roving reporter Geoff Brooking says he too has witnessed racist behaviour by Ukip supporters first hand on the doorstep in Southsea and thinks Flick is spot on.

Brooking told TBG: "I was out on the campaign trail last year and came across a typical example. A guy said to me, 'I'm fed up of all these foreigners coming here taking our jobs and building takeaways on every street corner. I'm voting Ukip'. It was completely racist and something both I and I dare say TBG would never associate ourselves with."

Whilst Drummond has been rounded upon by all kind of big figures in Ukip it hasn't stopped her from speaking her mind telling TBG, "I am afraid what has happened on the doorstep is the case."

Local Ukip councillor Steve Hastings says "its outrageous", Fareham and Gosport Ukip Chairman John Bowles says "he's gobsmacked", Stuart Potter has called on her to stand down and even Nigel Farage has weighed in by telling the Portsmouth News "if she believes that what Ukip stands for is racist then she ought to encourage many on her own side to back us."

Ironically, the Ukip candidate in question, former Farage P.A. Harris, is the same guy who caught out TBG's own Geoff Brooking for being a plant in the party last year.

Brooking told TBG: "I remember Steve well. We were both at the Havant Ukip AGM last February. He thought I was behaving really strange and I heard him say behind a closed door to John Perry 'He's a f***ing Tory Plant' if I have ever seen one."

"I kept a low profile for about a week after the incident because I knew that they were on my case and then when John Perry confronted me I owned up. I was a plant but, believe me, it was for The Blue Guerilla and not the Conservative Party."

The incident in Portsmouth South has certainly got Ukip wound up but with a five point lead over the Lib Dems and a whopping thirteen point lead over Ukip in a Lord Ashcroft Poll for the seat taken in November its hardly unsettling for Tory campaign managers.

Tory Blogger Brooking even told TBG: "I think if anything Flick has played a blinder. She's stolen some of Ukip's clothes by making it into the story that it is and I'm certain it won't go away."

Prima Donna Strikes Again as Bus Lane Ignites Tory War.

A small bus lane just 100 metres long has sensationally sparked a war within the Conservative Group on Portsmouth City Council.

Speaking at a council meeting in the city recently the Transport portfolio holder Councillor Ken Ellcome said he wanted to keep the bus lane into the city centre following pressure from bus and cycle campaigners.

Last Friday however, despite further opposition from bus users, Council Leader Donna Jones over-ruled her fellow Cabinet member by scrapping the lane completely.

The move has caused chaos with one Tory telling TBG:

"Prima Donna has struck again. She is showing her true dictatorial self. This is yet another example of an omnishambles Portsmouth has been in ever since she took over."

"What other decisions in other departments is she going to overturn in the name of populism? The people of Pompey will remember how she wanted to ditch them to further her own career twice."

"First by applying to be Tory candidate in Havant and failing to make the final twelve and then by applying for Fareham and finishing third of four."

The move has prompted local Lib Dems to ask, "If the council can afford to pay £11,000 for the bus lane changes from a "parking reserves" budget then why on earth do they need to introduce a charge for parking permits?"

"These changes will not ease traffic, and will actually create more delays for everyone, as buses will be forced to use normal traffic lanes as they will otherwise be caught in traffic tailing back."

TBG is still awaiting a response from Donna Jones.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth National Chairman says 'We Have a Proud Record of Promoting Women in Politics'.

CF Chairman's Diary (pt.2)

There has been some fantastic news this past week from CF members! Thursday saw the indomitable Stephen Canning win a seat on Essex County Council from UKIP. Stephen is now the youngest county councillor in the country and is one of the hardest working activists I know. Well done Stephen!

Friday night was a pizza chivvy session with the Roadtrip team at Casa Clarke for our upcoming Dover Roadtrip on 14th March. Charlie Elphicke MP is a great man and I hope to see many of you there! You can sign up for the event here.

On Saturday I had a breakfast meeting with Oliver Cooper and Tim Dyer to discuss exciting plans for EYC this summer and then went to the Team2015 Super Saturday for Simon Marcus PPC for Hampstead and Kilburn. I was out on the doorstep with Tom Borwick and Mahyar Tousi getting some positive feedback. Syed Kamall MEP addressed the masses literally from a soap box during the lunch break.

This week has also marked International Women’s Week. The Conservative Party has a proud record of promoting women in politics. The first female MP was a Conservative and we were the first party in the western world to elect a female leader and Prime Minister. We are working hard to attract women candidates in local and national elections and to participate in our Party.

We are encouraging women to get involved in politics and supporting them to stand for Parliament through the Conservative Women’s Organisation and initiatives such as ‘Women2Win’ which aims to increase the number of Conservative women in politics and in public life and is committed to identifying, training and mentoring female candidates for office. This week saw Louisa Townson be selected as the Conservative PPC for Leigh. Knowing Louisa, I’m sure she will give Andy Burnham a run for his money!

Conservative Future Deputy Chairman Defeats UKIP in By-election After Energetic Campaign.

SUPER CF'er & Essex lad Stephen Canning has swept to victory in a sensational Conservative Gain in Bocking defeating UKIP, TBG can reveal.

In what is surely a template on how to beat UKIP for the Conservatives the talented 22-year-old Conservative Future Deputy Chairman has become the youngest councillor on Essex County Council, by taking the Bocking seat from UKIP who sunk to 3rd place with Labour coming 2nd.

Activists travelled form far and wide to support popular Canning who has also received support from this website during internal Conservative Party elections.

Former Conservative Future National Chairman Oliver Cooper tweeted: "The fact so many people from across the country are helping Canning in his by-election in Bocking speaks volumes about him."

Cameron Running Scared of TV Debates.

Cameron should stand up and be counted, afterall he has a good message to sell

AT Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said, "I welcome the debates, and let’s get on with them before the campaign".

On Wednesday evening, Downing Street confirmed that he will take part in only ONE televised debate, providing it was before March 30th. Several Party Leaders including Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Leanne Wood are frustrated with the Prime Minister with Wood saying, "It can’t be dictated by one party".

Senior members were also reported to try and save David Cameron as the Leader of the Conservative Party, in the event of a second general election in the autumn, and also if Ed Miliband does become Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has however said, "If I cannot give Britain a referendum on EU Membership, I will resign".

One Conservative Future (CF) activist stated: "I was beginning to think Cameron was standing up for the Greens and welcomed the fact that the public wanted the Greens in the debates. However, although he is standing up for the Democratic Unionist Party, he has now said only ONE debate, which is clearly not enough".

"I therefore have come to the conclusion, he is trying to wriggle out of the debates and if he does not take part in all three debates, he will lose the election easily, with four Socialist parties in the televised debates, the left vote will split, but Cameron will lose 100,000s votes to UKIP and Labour overall".

Later this month CF Chairman Paterson will be taking on Youth Leaders of the Greens, UKIP, Lib Dems and Labour, but is more notably known to be excited in debating the leader of Young Independence Jack Duffin, especially after his defection from the Conservatives to UKIP only three years ago.

Shock & Awe: Smears And Lies in Election War For Portsmouth.

Pompey Troops in battle

REMEMBER Donna Jones last week from hell. On that occasion it all culminated with the Leader of Portsmouth City Council being caught red-handed for calling her opposite number Gerald "Vermin" Jackson.

Well, TBG can sensationally reveal that on the eve of the Conservatives selection contest in Fareham we received an anonymous email using similar language.

The similar toned email towards the Lib Dems candidate for Portsmouth South also contained a remarkable factual error about the Lib Dems candidate for Paulsgrove in the forthcoming council election, Nassar Kassell.

TBG is not in any way suggesting that Donna Jones was behind the anonymous email that also suggested that Kassell had been suspended by the Lib Dems for an alleged run-in with Mike Hancock's victim 'Annie' at a recent council meeting.

However, whilst Lib Dems spokesperson Ben Dowling has told TBG that Kassell has not been suspended the row hasn't gone away.

As well as allegations still doing the rounds that Kassell and 'Annie' don't exactly get on with each other (especially at council meetings), it's also emerged that leading Lib Dems councillor David Fuller has also been getting up 'Annie's' nose so much so that she is now on the verge of making an official complaint to the council's Monitoring Officer Michael Lawther.

Meanwhile, poor Donna Jones has had ANOTHER week from hell. This time it culminated in her being sensationally DEFEATED in her bid to be the next Conservative Party candidate for Fareham.

Jones was humiliated into third out of four in the hustings vote won by the dynamic Suella Fernandes.

Ms Fernandes, a barrister from London and a Millionaire Oxbridge Graduate, told TBG that she was looking forward to standing in Fareham: "I am thrilled, delighted and excited, if a little bit nervous. It is a real honour to have this opportunity to serve the borough of Fareham in Parliament."

The news comes on the same day a new poll gave the Conservatives a three point lead over Labour by 35% to 32% suggesting a second successive hung parliament but with projections now suggesting that the Lib Dems could be down to as low as just seven seats after election day TBG thinks that interesting times lay ahead.

TBG's own Geoff Brooking has an exclusive interview with Havant Tory candidate Alan Mak booked in for Saturday, so stay tuned to TBG next week to read all about it!

Welsh Votes at 16 Devo Package 'Failed' Say Tory Activists.

WALES will not have the power to lower its voting age to 16 in what's been described as a "failed devolution package" by Tory activists, TBG can reveal.

Secretary of State for Wales Stephen Crabb MP has been caught-out confirming that Wales will not get same powers as Scotland to lower its voting age to 16 for its Welsh Assembly elections.

In a letter seen by TBG, Tory MP Crabb says: "I consider it crucial that issues relating to Assembly elections are considered as a coherent package, within the St David’s Day process, and are not dealt with in isolation.

"No parliamentary provision has, therefore, been made to alter the franchise for Assembly elections or to devolve to the Assembly the power to decide whether 16 and 17 years olds could vote in the 2016 Assembly elections."

A young Welsh Tory activist told TBG: "Stephen Crabb has failed to produced a good devolution package. We should be given powers over Prisons and Policing, Rail Infrastructure, Criminal Justice and Courts, something Scotland and Northern Ireland get.

"The decision to devolve Air Passenger Duty is good, but failure to devolve other issues such as the ones listed and Votes at 16 in time for next years Assembly Elections is unjustified and wrong!"

Plaid leader Leanne Wood also slammed the decision saying: "There is widespread agreement that there is need to engage young people in the political process but the Secretary of State is refusing to allow the National Assembly the chance to give votes to 16 and 17-year-olds. It should be a matter for the Assembly anyway, not Westminster."