EXCLUSIVE: Young Tory Councillor in Love Triangle Bust-up.

A CONSERVATIVE PARTY District Councillor in Oxfordshire is seemingly at the centre of a bust-up between two ladies, after they discovered he was allegedly dating both of them at the same time, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The embarrassing result of a woman scorned is the posting of a conversation between the two women, by one involved.

"Stay the f*ck away from my boyfriend", said the councillor's self-confessed girlfriend known to TBG as 'H'.

'H's' apparent nemesis 'C' then dramatically delivered SIX points that, no doubt she'd say, made her think the Tory councillor was free and single. One of those points being that the Tory Councillor never mentioned he had a girlfriend to 'C' and neither did his friends or staff at the Carlton Club, "Who were very welcoming" to her during their date.

'H' responded by telling 'C' to, "go to Hell".