EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader Paterson Launches TBG Election Diary.

CF Leader's Diary (Pt.1)

This is my first ‘sensational’ entry in a regular diary column in the run up to the General Election.

I’ve been on the campaign trail for over a year now and it’s really picked up pace over the last two months. Last weekend I campaigned with Mark Clarke and his team on my 24th Roadtrip2015 in the seats of Brecon & Radnor and Gower, South Wales with a very positive response on the doorstep.

The beauty of Roadtrip, and it’s taken me all over the country in the past year, is that you discover places you would never normally go to. A pleasant memory from the weekend included us all eating ice cream on Mumbles Pier at sunset after a long day’s canvassing before advancing to the obligatory curry and free bar.

On Monday, David Cameron quite rightly announced that pensioner benefits would not be means tested. It’s very important that elderly people are given the dignity they deserve after contributing to the economy and to society throughout their lives.

I went on Radio 4’s PM show with Eddie Mair to talk about the policy and also what the Conservative Party is doing for young people in the UK. I think it’s fair to say that my appearance fared rather better than the utter car crash that was Natalie Bennett’s interview on LBC this week.

The past week has also seen two defections from Young Independence to Conservative Future with Joshua Jones, ex East Midlands YI Chairman and Sam Launder, ex YI General Secretary. I welcome both Josh and Sam to CF and look forward to campaigning with them in the run up to the election.

Last night I started prepping for next month’s big Youth Leaders debate which will be streamed live on Channel 4. Particularly looking forward to debate against Jack Duffin, I think it’s fair to say the debate will be eventful!

This weekend I’ll be campaigning in Harrow West with the Conservative Women’s Organisation for excellent PPC Hannah David.

Witney Labour Councillors Refuse to Back Council Tax Freeze.

WITNEY Labour Cllrs yesterday refused to support a District Council budget that is set to freeze council tax & extend free parking, TBG can reveal.

None of the Labour Cllrs voted to support the budget the District Council have set including Labour PPC for Witney, Duncan Enright.

Cllr Tom Simcox told TBG:

"The Labour group’s refusal to support a balanced budget is shocking. It shows the Labour group care more about pandering to their political masters in the lead up to the general election than acting in the best interests of the people they represent.

"Low council tax, which is frozen again for the fifth year, free parking in our towns and even maintained grant levels for the voluntary and community sectors should be acceptable across the political spectrum, why not Labour?"

A local Witney resident revealed:

"It's great to see again Conservative Councillors standing up for and delivering for the residents of West Oxfordshire. Good things like the free parking I think we all take for granted. However, compare here to Oxford where the Labour run City Council charge ridiculous prices for parking and their council tax is the highest in Oxfordshire.

"I'm just glad it's Conservatives looking out for this areas best interests and supporting hardworking people and families."

Portsmouth Councillor Shortlisted For Safe Seat.

HOT on the heels of a new wave of criticism levelled at her last week, the sitting leader of Portsmouth City Council has now been shortlisted to become the next MP for Fareham, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Donna Jones is one of four shortlisted candidates for the Conservative Party to replace Mark Hoban who stands down in six weeks time.

However, the former Police and Crime Commissioner wannabe first has to see off opponents Jeremy Quin, Nick Rose and Suella Fernandes to land the safe Tory seat.

In a statement issued on Monday Jones said:

"I was delighted to be invited to apply for the Fareham parliamentary vacancy. I’m thrilled to be shortlisted for the final four.

"The job has two roles. One is being a strong constituency MP spending a large amount of my time in Fareham meeting people and helping community businesses and residents. The second is working hard as a member of the government in London."

"The constituency has a need for improved infrastructure – and a lot more affordable housing."

"The constituency has some challenges in terms of the fact that young people find it very difficult to get on to the property ladder. Also the roads getting in and out of Fareham are a nightmare. The bottlenecks need sorting out and that’s the job of an MP."

It's thought to be the first time Jones has applied for a Parliamentary seat but that shouldn't put her off.

Alan Mak won the Havant nomination on applying first time too.

Jeremy Quin stood in 1997 as the Conservative parliamentary candidate in the Snowdonia constituency of Meirionnydd Nant Conwy and has the support of Jeremy Hunt and Peter Lilley on his web site.

Nick Rose is Chairman of the Westbourne and West Cliff Ward in Bournemouth West Constituency.

As for Suella Fernandes - READ THIS -

EXCLUSIVE: Former UKIP Youth Leader Brands Party as 'Dangerous'.

FORMER UKIP Youth Leader Rob Comley has publicly slammed his once beloved nationalist party sensationally labeling it "Dangerous", TBG can reveal.

Following defections from the UKIP youth wing to the Conservatives the former UKIP Youth Chairman tore into his old party at a Greenwich University student debate last night.

During Comleys tirade about the anti-EU & immigration party he told students that, "UKIP are very dangerous for the UK".

According to sources at Greenwich University, after Comley had completed his destruction of UKIP and their policies he received a huge round of applause.

EXCLUSIVE: Young Tory Councillor in Love Triangle Bust-up.

A CONSERVATIVE PARTY District Councillor in Oxfordshire is seemingly at the centre of a bust-up between two ladies, after they discovered he was allegedly dating both of them at the same time, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The embarrassing result of a woman scorned is the posting of a conversation between the two women, by one involved.

"Stay the f*ck away from my boyfriend", said the councillor's self-confessed girlfriend known to TBG as 'H'.

'H's' apparent nemesis 'C' then dramatically delivered SIX points that, no doubt she'd say, made her think the Tory councillor was free and single. One of those points being that the Tory Councillor never mentioned he had a girlfriend to 'C' and neither did his friends or staff at the Carlton Club, "Who were very welcoming" to her during their date.

'H' responded by telling 'C' to, "go to Hell".

Uproar as Tories Back Lib Dem 'Sex Parties' Councillor to be Deputy Mayor.

Cllr David Fuller [left] with disgraced local MP Mike Hancock

THERE'S UPROAR in Portsmouth today after it was exposed over the weekend that Liberal Democrats Councillor David Fuller is all set to become the city's Deputy Mayor, TBG can reveal.

Councillor's last week backed the idea unanimously at a meeting and it's understood that Fratton Councillor Fuller will take up the role on May 19th after the City Council Annual Meeting.

Fuller was elected despite being exclusively exposed by TBG back in 2012 for sensationally holding sex parties inside his own home and later exposed nationally by the Daily Star.

The move has caused widespread concern amongst members of the local Conservative Party who are already deeply concerned at Donna Jones leadership style especially considering that it was one of the party's own officers who originally tipped off TBG.

Despite the public criticism, Fuller defended his past in the Portsmouth News saying:

"I totally understand that some people will ask themselves am I the right person for the job? I would say to them that I was elected unopposed and all councillors voted unanimously. I did nothing illegal, the police were never involved and there has never been an investigation."

The debacle has left UKIP Group Leader Colin Galloway with plenty of egg on his face too.

Galloway has since claimed that despite the original story making national headlines he had no knowledge of Cllr Fuller's past until after the meeting.

One leading Lib Dems supporter has today told TBG that she thinks its all, "a bit of a stitch up!"

"What the article in both the local and national press fails to state is that it was Councillor Donna Jones who asked Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson to nominate the Deputy Lord Mayor which her party would support on the condition that it was Councillor David Fuller.

"It was obviously a set-up in the run-up to local elections in May so that the public and members of Labour and UKIP who are in coalition with the Tories on the city council could discredit the Liberal Democrats.

"I'm surprised we fell for such an obvious ploy. What we are witnessing is the sort of gutter politics that Councillor Donna Jones takes pride in"
, said the Liberal Democrat.