UKIP's Neil Hamilton Set To Be Parachuted Into New Constituency?

THE OPEN ROLE for UKIP Parliamentary Candidate in Portsmouth South, since Douglas Denny got the chop, is rumoured to have actually already been filled by non-other than sacked Boston & Skegness PPC and former Tory sleaze merchant Neil Hamilton, TBG can reveal.

Neil Hamilton was told by UKIP bosses he was no longer needed in Boston & Skegness, leading to Tory turncoat Robin Hunter Clarke picking up the role after a top secret closed meeting & vote followed by more secrecy in an attempt to keep quiet who was chosen to stand in the constituency.

Now the rumour in Portsmouth is that Neil Hamilton could well stand as UKIP's Parliamentary Candidate in Portsmouth South, well that's according to a local Labour candidate John Ferrett. But even the local rag suspect, "a candidate will be brought in from elsewhere to fight for the seat".

Ferrett claims that the undemocratic cabal that is the UKIP gestapo, reported on this website very many times, are still running riot up and down the country and have binned the hustings on Portsmouth because Hamilton has been chosen by the magic finger to stand.

"(I) Understand Portsmouth UKIP have cancelled Portsmouth South hustings because Farage going to impose candidate - rumoured to be Neil Hamilton" - said Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth North John Ferrett.

One local UKIP'er in the know told TBG - "I do not think that Neil will stand, although his mother lives in Portsmouth and he did write an article for the Express about dial-a-ride. I reckon he'll stand in Basildon South."