EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Future Chairman Defects to Labour in Another Blow For Tories.

CHAIRMAN of Oxford Brookes Conservative Future (CF) is the next in line, after Adam Kealey, for a defection away from the Conservatives to a party on the Left just days after David Cameron announced his plans to crackdown on EU immigration.

TBG can sensationally reveal that Berk Bektas has defected to the Labour party. Senior sources in CF say Bektas reckons the Tories are apparently "too right wing" for him "all of a sudden".

However, leaked screenshots of Bektas' views on Labour, their polices & Leader won't make for sound reading to Ed Miliband's barmy army:

One CF'er was seething at the news and told TBG - "I can't believe his hypocrisy. He always used to talk about how dangerous Labour's policies were and how out of touch their party was, and now he decides to join them?"