EXCLUSIVE: Welsh Tory Chairman Looks Set to Defect to Plaid Cymru.

A Welsh Tory Chairman enquires into branch set-up with Plaid Cymru

CHAIRMAN of Clwyd West Conservative Future (CF) and former North Wales CF Chairman, Adam Kealey, seems to have sensationally declared his interest in defecting to Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, TBG can reveal.

Kealey was subjected to some pretty poor treatment when he was effectively sacked soon after CF National Elections earlier this year.

However, now it seems the young Conservative has astonishingly set his sights on an Plaid Cymru and an independent Wales.

A senior Wales CF'er ranted - "It's disgraceful Adam has cried that he should be area chair and is open in his ambition to be regional chair. Yet he is actively looking to join Plaid Cymru and sabotage the parties attempts to win a majority in 2015.

"Frankly the party deserves better than an individual who is more interested in accruing titles than the interests of the party."

According to sources there have allegedly been "several complaints" made about Kealey to the Tory party over "his views" in the past few weeks. "This would not be an issue as members are allowed to debate their beliefs, however it's due to Kealey holding several positions within the Conservative Party" Most notably; Chairman of Clwyd West CF and Deputy Chairman Political for a branch with Aberconwy Conservatives.

TBG understands that Kealey has previously been a member of the Labour Party before switching to the Conservatives.

A North Wales CF member disclosed to TBG how they felt, saying - "I am deeply shocked that Adam has been blasting his political views over social media."

A source in Aberystwyth said - "He is a turncoat. Last month he supported our great Union of nations, today he wants independence. He has no idea what he is talking about. It is unbelievable that someone could switch from a centre right party to an extreme National Socialist party."

Wales CF Chairman Ryan Hunter declined to comment.