EXCLUSIVE: Plaid Cymru Unveil New Tory Turncoat Recruit.

PLAID CYMRU are set to parade their newly recruited Tory turncoat Adam Kealey with a dramatic press release on its website, after more images were leaked this website that show Wales' Tory youth chairmen grilling Kealy on social media over his pro-independence posts, TBG can reveal.

Sensationally titled "Leading young Tory quits to join Plaid Cymru" the press release that is set for imminent disclosure and obtained by TBG will say Kealey left the Conservative party, as exclusively revealed on TBG, "over a number of issues."

Kealey grilled by Wales' CF Leaders
In the statement Adam Kealey also states his reason for leaving the Tory fold - "I made the choice to join Plaid Cymru after months of consideration. I’ve never been able to publicly come out in support of Scottish Independence until now, however I have sometimes rebelled against certain issues. These issues including lowering the voting age and of course recently independence.

"Of course the question people will ask is why? Why would I leave the Conservative Party? I left the Conservative Party because I want the best for Wales. I want Wales to be a good country where every child can fulfil their potential and ambitions can be achieved.

"We are in a new age of politics, a new democracy which was created by the 1.6 million people in Scotland who voted for Independence. I believe that sooner or later, Scotland will become independent.

"The Conservatives aren't delivering for Wales. The Wales Bill is offering nowhere as near much powers as have been offered to Scotland following the Smith Commission.

"I look to Plaid Cymru and I see a new dawn approaching, fresh new ideas. It’s a new democracy that is being created and I for one am ready for it."

Marc Jones, Plaid Cymru’s Parliamentary candidate for Clwyd West told TBG - "I had the pleasure of meeting Adam after a recent Question Time event with the main four parties at Ysgol Brynelian.

"The Scottish referendum has also been a major catalyst for change. There’s a growing interest in Welsh independence and young people in particular understand the need for Wales to have the powers to decide its own future. Politics is becoming ever more fluid with the main parties losing their grip on their core support after generations of taking voters for granted.

"I’d like to warmly welcome Adam into Plaid Cymru. He’ll be a valuable addition to our team and I’m sure will be out campaigning over the coming months to ensure we have a Plaid Cymru MP for Clwyd West in May 2015."