EXCLUSIVE: KCL Tory Leader Seeks to 'Kick Out Pesky Liberals'.

KINGS COLLEGE LONDON (KCL) Conservative Society Leader Ben Judge has allegedly held a top secret meeting where he stated he wants to change the name of the society in order to kick out what he supposedly called "pesky liberals" from the Tory University branch, TBG can reveal.

When being pressed on the fact that many members of his society weren’t in fact traditional social conservatives, Judge allegedly said - "I’m tempted to change the name of KCL Conservative society from a big C conservative to small c, just so we can kick out those pesky classic liberals."

The KCL Libertarian Society President apparently replied - "Well if you do, let them know that classic liberals are always welcome in the Libertarian Society."

Sources have told TBG that KCL Conservative Association Chairman Ben Judge then went on and moaned about how much of a nuisance classic liberals are to the Conservative party and how they should leave.

Judge has caused uproar in the past after inviting the ghastly UKIP showboat Godfrey Bloom as a special guest to a KCL Conservative event.

Judge had much criticism heaped upon him when he backed a Labour Candidate for the University's President role, and when he forced a resignation after allegedly sanctioning the "hounding" of a Tory colleague.