Frank Lampard Tells Conservative Party 'Come And Get Me' As He Sets Sights On Becoming Tory MP.

ENGLAND & Premier League football superstar Frank Lampard has sensationally admitted he fancies his chances as a Tory MP when he finishes his football career in America next year.

Sources have told TBG that Lampard has issued a "come and get me" plea to top senior Conservatives as he considers life after football.

Former England and Chelsea star Lampard has met with both Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne. Although Frank says he "doesn’t agree with everything they say" he reckons they will cruise to victory in May’s general election.

Lampard told TBG - "I have met David Cameron a couple of times and George Osborne, I have a lot of respect for them. There's quite a few Labour ones I have respect for too, like Ed Balls, who is big into his football. I will certainly vote and certainly pay more attention going into this election than I have before."

He is not the first footballer to consider heading into Westminster.

Fellow former England star Sol Campbell revealed in October he was considering joining the Tories as an ambassador, paving the way for a seat in Parliament.

Labour Parliamentary Candidate Slammed Over 'Dreadful' 'Shambles' Celeb Christmas Lights Switch-on.

Labour's Chris Oxlade (left) on the mic with celeb star Stephen Mulhearn (right)

LABOUR Parliamentary Candidate Chris Oxlade's Christmas Lights switch-on has been slammed as an unbelievable waste of taxpayers money and a dreadful shambles after a shoddy event in Crawley, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Oxlade (left) with celeb Mulhearn
What The Mail didn't seem to notice in its report was that the master of ceremonies for the expensive taxpayer-funded extravaganza was Crawley Labour Parliamentary Candidate Chris Oxlade.

Seemingly still craving cheesy publicity in hiring kids tv celeb Stephen Mulhearn and sharing the limelight; Oxlade is a has-been Disc Jockey from former local radio station in Crawley Radio Mercury, which ceased broadcasting in 2010.

One Crawley resident told TBG - "His (Oxlade) main selling point to be Crawley's MP appears to be that he was born in Crawley - something which can't happen these days since Labour closed down the maternity ward at Crawley Hospital in 1999."

Another resident at the event with his daughter said - "All I can say is it was unbelievable. My daughter asked me when they were putting the lights on - but they already had."

A 3rd resident told TBG - "It was a joke - we couldn't see the fireworks and the decorations themselves are dreadful.

"It was a shambles and an embarrassment. Spending £100 on the event would have been too much, let alone £17,000."

UKIP's Neil Hamilton Set To Be Parachuted Into New Constituency?

THE OPEN ROLE for UKIP Parliamentary Candidate in Portsmouth South, since Douglas Denny got the chop, is rumoured to have actually already been filled by non-other than sacked Boston & Skegness PPC and former Tory sleaze merchant Neil Hamilton, TBG can reveal.

Neil Hamilton was told by UKIP bosses he was no longer needed in Boston & Skegness, leading to Tory turncoat Robin Hunter Clarke picking up the role after a top secret closed meeting & vote followed by more secrecy in an attempt to keep quiet who was chosen to stand in the constituency.

Now the rumour in Portsmouth is that Neil Hamilton could well stand as UKIP's Parliamentary Candidate in Portsmouth South, well that's according to a local Labour candidate John Ferrett. But even the local rag suspect, "a candidate will be brought in from elsewhere to fight for the seat".

Ferrett claims that the undemocratic cabal that is the UKIP gestapo, reported on this website very many times, are still running riot up and down the country and have binned the hustings on Portsmouth because Hamilton has been chosen by the magic finger to stand.

"(I) Understand Portsmouth UKIP have cancelled Portsmouth South hustings because Farage going to impose candidate - rumoured to be Neil Hamilton" - said Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth North John Ferrett.

One local UKIP'er in the know told TBG - "I do not think that Neil will stand, although his mother lives in Portsmouth and he did write an article for the Express about dial-a-ride. I reckon he'll stand in Basildon South."

EXCLUSIVE: Welsh Tory Turncoat Kealey Flip-Flops Back to the Conservatives As CF National Chairman Paterson Steps In.

ADAM KEALEY just 48 hours ago announced his intention to leave the Conservative Party and join Plaid Cymru after TBG broke the story the day earlier. Yesterday Plaid issued a press release about the "Leading young Tory" defecting, only for Kealey to change his mind and dramatically return to the Tory fold today, TBG can reveal.

Several sources have confirmed the news with one CF'er revealing Adam Kealey has had a meeting with Wales Regional Conservative Future Chairman Ryan Hunter about his sensational U-turn and spoke to Conservative Future National Chairman Alexandra Paterson, who TBG understands played a key role in retaining the young Welsh Tory talent.

Sources say Kealey confirmed to Tory officials that he has been talking to Plaid Cymru but even though they seemed "nice, something wasn't right".

Kealey is apparently an admirer of Thatcher and claims he didn't think things through properly, allegedly declaring it was a "stupid decision".

TBG understands that Adam has told fellow CF members that he was sorry for all he put them through.

Young Labour Leader Quits After Admitting Assault on His Girlfriend.

LABOUR London youth Leader Dan Young has been forced to step down after accepting a police caution over an assault on his girlfriend, TBG can reveal.

The leading figure in the Labour Party’s youth wing was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend in an apparent late night row on a high street, say reports.

Young, who is also a councillor in Barking and Dagenham, was initially suspended from his role in Young Labour after being quizzed by police in east London.

Sources have disclosed that six activists sensationally quit London Young Labour’s committee after Young was reinstated as Chairman just days later.

It's also understood that Young Labour members were dramatically warned by certain party figures not to mention the incident online.

In an email to the committee, London Regional Director Alan Olive wrote - "I am aware that there may be messages posted on social media regarding Dan Young’s recent suspension. I need to remind everyone that posting comments about internal discipline matters is itself a matter that could lead the author(s) becoming subject to a separate discipline investigation.

"This could also apply to members who re-distribute, retweet or otherwise widen the original circulation."

Dan Young used to work for the MP for Rainham and Dagenham John Cruddas and they were pictured together in May this year, all consistent with the now ex-chairman carrying out his roles, past & present, at the heart of the Labour party.

Cuddas told reporters - "He worked for me years ago and the incident has been brought to the attention of the national party.

"I don't know the details and it would be wrong for me to comment further when it's in the hands of the national party."

EXCLUSIVE: Conservative Future Chairman Defects to Labour in Another Blow For Tories.

CHAIRMAN of Oxford Brookes Conservative Future (CF) is the next in line, after Adam Kealey, for a defection away from the Conservatives to a party on the Left just days after David Cameron announced his plans to crackdown on EU immigration.

TBG can sensationally reveal that Berk Bektas has defected to the Labour party. Senior sources in CF say Bektas reckons the Tories are apparently "too right wing" for him "all of a sudden".

However, leaked screenshots of Bektas' views on Labour, their polices & Leader won't make for sound reading to Ed Miliband's barmy army:

One CF'er was seething at the news and told TBG - "I can't believe his hypocrisy. He always used to talk about how dangerous Labour's policies were and how out of touch their party was, and now he decides to join them?"

EXCLUSIVE: Plaid Cymru Unveil New Tory Turncoat Recruit.

PLAID CYMRU are set to parade their newly recruited Tory turncoat Adam Kealey with a dramatic press release on its website, after more images were leaked this website that show Wales' Tory youth chairmen grilling Kealy on social media over his pro-independence posts, TBG can reveal.

Sensationally titled "Leading young Tory quits to join Plaid Cymru" the press release that is set for imminent disclosure and obtained by TBG will say Kealey left the Conservative party, as exclusively revealed on TBG, "over a number of issues."

Kealey grilled by Wales' CF Leaders
In the statement Adam Kealey also states his reason for leaving the Tory fold - "I made the choice to join Plaid Cymru after months of consideration. I’ve never been able to publicly come out in support of Scottish Independence until now, however I have sometimes rebelled against certain issues. These issues including lowering the voting age and of course recently independence.

"Of course the question people will ask is why? Why would I leave the Conservative Party? I left the Conservative Party because I want the best for Wales. I want Wales to be a good country where every child can fulfil their potential and ambitions can be achieved.

"We are in a new age of politics, a new democracy which was created by the 1.6 million people in Scotland who voted for Independence. I believe that sooner or later, Scotland will become independent.

"The Conservatives aren't delivering for Wales. The Wales Bill is offering nowhere as near much powers as have been offered to Scotland following the Smith Commission.

"I look to Plaid Cymru and I see a new dawn approaching, fresh new ideas. It’s a new democracy that is being created and I for one am ready for it."

Marc Jones, Plaid Cymru’s Parliamentary candidate for Clwyd West told TBG - "I had the pleasure of meeting Adam after a recent Question Time event with the main four parties at Ysgol Brynelian.

"The Scottish referendum has also been a major catalyst for change. There’s a growing interest in Welsh independence and young people in particular understand the need for Wales to have the powers to decide its own future. Politics is becoming ever more fluid with the main parties losing their grip on their core support after generations of taking voters for granted.

"I’d like to warmly welcome Adam into Plaid Cymru. He’ll be a valuable addition to our team and I’m sure will be out campaigning over the coming months to ensure we have a Plaid Cymru MP for Clwyd West in May 2015."

EXCLUSIVE: KCL Tory Leader Seeks to 'Kick Out Pesky Liberals'.

KINGS COLLEGE LONDON (KCL) Conservative Society Leader Ben Judge has allegedly held a top secret meeting where he stated he wants to change the name of the society in order to kick out what he supposedly called "pesky liberals" from the Tory University branch, TBG can reveal.

When being pressed on the fact that many members of his society weren’t in fact traditional social conservatives, Judge allegedly said - "I’m tempted to change the name of KCL Conservative society from a big C conservative to small c, just so we can kick out those pesky classic liberals."

The KCL Libertarian Society President apparently replied - "Well if you do, let them know that classic liberals are always welcome in the Libertarian Society."

Sources have told TBG that KCL Conservative Association Chairman Ben Judge then went on and moaned about how much of a nuisance classic liberals are to the Conservative party and how they should leave.

Judge has caused uproar in the past after inviting the ghastly UKIP showboat Godfrey Bloom as a special guest to a KCL Conservative event.

Judge had much criticism heaped upon him when he backed a Labour Candidate for the University's President role, and when he forced a resignation after allegedly sanctioning the "hounding" of a Tory colleague.

Welsh Tory Chairman Announces He's Joined Plaid Cymru.

ADAM KEALEY has today officially quit the Conservatives and joined Plaid Cymru, as exclusively reported on this website, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Kealey is former North Wales Conservative Future (CF) Chairman and outgoing Clwyd West CF Chairman.

Source have leaked images to TBG that they say suggest Adam may not be following his own advice. In August Kealey said:

Kealey is expected to release a statement later today. Stay tuned.

PIC: Gordon Brown Resigns.

EXCLUSIVE: Welsh Tory Chairman Looks Set to Defect to Plaid Cymru.

A Welsh Tory Chairman enquires into branch set-up with Plaid Cymru

CHAIRMAN of Clwyd West Conservative Future (CF) and former North Wales CF Chairman, Adam Kealey, seems to have sensationally declared his interest in defecting to Welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymru, TBG can reveal.

Kealey was subjected to some pretty poor treatment when he was effectively sacked soon after CF National Elections earlier this year.

However, now it seems the young Conservative has astonishingly set his sights on an Plaid Cymru and an independent Wales.

A senior Wales CF'er ranted - "It's disgraceful Adam has cried that he should be area chair and is open in his ambition to be regional chair. Yet he is actively looking to join Plaid Cymru and sabotage the parties attempts to win a majority in 2015.

"Frankly the party deserves better than an individual who is more interested in accruing titles than the interests of the party."

According to sources there have allegedly been "several complaints" made about Kealey to the Tory party over "his views" in the past few weeks. "This would not be an issue as members are allowed to debate their beliefs, however it's due to Kealey holding several positions within the Conservative Party" Most notably; Chairman of Clwyd West CF and Deputy Chairman Political for a branch with Aberconwy Conservatives.

TBG understands that Kealey has previously been a member of the Labour Party before switching to the Conservatives.

A North Wales CF member disclosed to TBG how they felt, saying - "I am deeply shocked that Adam has been blasting his political views over social media."

A source in Aberystwyth said - "He is a turncoat. Last month he supported our great Union of nations, today he wants independence. He has no idea what he is talking about. It is unbelievable that someone could switch from a centre right party to an extreme National Socialist party."

Wales CF Chairman Ryan Hunter declined to comment.

Tory Youth Chairman Paterson Ready For a 'Big One' This Christmas.

Tory Youth National Chairman Alexandra Paterson

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE have set the date for the annual raucous Tory Youth Christmas chin chin, 11 December in Central London.

Alexandra Paterson has welcomed young Tories up and own the country to join her and the CF National Executive promising a "big one", TBG can reveal.

Conservative Future National Chairman Alex Paterson exclusively told TBG - "This year's CF Christmas party is promising to be a big one. We look forward to welcoming lots of old and new faces. The National Executive will also be available throughout the night if members have any questions. Please book your tickets soon to avoid disappointment."

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