Tories Giving up on Rochester & Strood - Kitchen Sink Has Been Returned.

REMEMBER TBG's prediction of UKIP being on course for a landslide in Rochester and Strood? Well, a new poll last night gave Nigel Farage's tin pot brigade a whopping 15 point lead in the by-election campaign.

The news has prompted Tory Chairman Grant Shapps to issue his own battle cry ahead of a Team 2015's 'RoadTrip Super Saturday' next weekend.

With pressure growing on the Conservatives it's also emerged that behind the scenes a number of backbenchers are already getting increasingly worried that defeat could also trigger a crisis of confidence in David Cameron. Even though anyone with an ounce of political nous will know David Cameron isn't the problem, if anything he is still the Tories' trump card.

Far from throwing the kitchen sink at UKIP, TBG is fast coming to the conclusion that the Tories are not only flogging a dead horse but are privately giving up hope.

If the Tories are so serious about the situation in Rochester and Strood then why is a certain Member of Parliament who spent a month 200 miles away from his constituency in Newark holding an action day of his own in the Hampshire town of Waterlooville on the same day?