Red Ed on Toast.

FRESH rumours of an impending plot to oust Red Ed Miliband are intensely circulating in Westminster tonight.

With two backbenchers already calling for him to go and another two attacking him openly, tonight TBG can also reveal that a Panelbase Opinion Poll set to be published in Scotland later has the party 17 points behind the SNP and only 13 points in front of the Conservatives.

Speaking in Northampton earlier the Labour Leader said the rumours were nonsense but that didn't stop Damien McBride from saying that the mood within Labour at Westminster was "pretty black".

One Labour MP told TBG - "We are down to 29 per cent and that could go down further", whilst another said "He is less popular than Nick Clegg and that will cost us votes."

The news also comes on the night a "secret memo" to Tory MPs was leaked to the Daily Telegraph telling them to go into "Ed friendly mode" because of a major leadership crisis.