Mrs Jones' Week From Hell.

Council Leader Comrade Donna Jones

It's been a torrid week for the Conservatives Leader of Portsmouth City Council Donna Jones.

While other towns up and down the land will be holding bonfires and setting off fireworks on November 5th, in Portsmouth, thanks to "our Prima Donna", until a financial backer came forward last night, there was going to be no traditional bonfire at all.

Why? Well, it was thought that failing to ignite the bonfire at next Wednesday's free event would have saved Portsmouth City Council a cool £4,600.

Yet not only did this lead to cries of nastiness on the part of the local Conservative Party but also similar cries of hypocrisy from political opponents who also learned this week that "Prima Donna", as she is now known, has this year already spent the best part of £5,800 doing up her own office in Portsmouth Guildhall.

Last night things took a even bigger turn for the worse after it was revealed that on top of the EIGHTY complaints of bullying made as regards the P.C.C. administration when the Liberal Democrats were in charge, a NEW complaint has now been made against Councillor Jones according to sources.

Reason? TBG has learned that after a certain Gerald Vernon Jackson apparently kicked up a stink about Donna's hypocrisy. The Conservatives Group Leader responded by calling him Gerald Vermin Jackson.

Today, Cllr Jones was still insisting her words were a "typing error".

Yeah right!

Seems to TBG that "Prima Donna's" honeymoon has finally come to an end.

But then again, Tory Party Leader David Cameron always did say that 'too many tweets could make a twat'.