Mak 'The Knife' Hits Back Amidst Orchestrated Trolling Campaign.

ALAN MAK, the 30 year old Cambridge educated Conservatives PPC for Havant, has today sensationally hit back at criticism of him on the Conservative Home site.

As reported on TBG a few days ago, a row broke out after an article of support for Alan Mak was snubbed by the Tory site sparking a 'Blue Rinse' row after a number of critical comments WERE published.

Mak has told TBG - "None of the four finalists were local but the residents who voted for me decisively as their candidate recognised I understood every part of Havant, was listening to local opinion and am passionate about Havant's future."

"Support for me has been very encouraging and I will carry on working hard for Havant."

"I've been working very hard for the last two months listening to local residents, councillors, business owners and head teachers to understand local issues."

TBG is impressed!