'Immoral, Undemocratic & Deeply Corrupt' - Sacked UKIP Candidate Quits Party and Slams 'Interfering' Manipulative Farage.

SACKED UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Portsmouth South, Douglas Denny, has sensationally quit the Party citing Nigel Farage and UKIP's National Executive Committee (NEC) "interfering" with democracy and manipulating the candidates' selection process, TBG can reveal.

TBG has regularly reported on 'gestapo' tactics by UKIP's NEC, even streaching to its youth wing, who seem to have no respect or loyalty for their members & activists and are willing to throw them overboard at the drop of Farage's hat to get a particular result.

A member since 1999 the former UKIP parliamentary candidate Douglas Denny gave some insight in a letter to TBG, saying - "Nigel and the leadership hierarchy have demonstrated conclusively that they are willing to manipulate the MP candidates' selection process by the ruse of proclaiming chosen 'targeted' seats, and have changed the rules recently to allow this to be done, and where the NEC can choose the candidate rather than the membership of the branch.

"Those choosing will be under the shadow of Nigel Farage. It is direct interference with the fundamental principles of democracy in the party."

However, even these new undemocratic rules were apparently not applied to Denny's case in Portsmouth South after 18 months as UKIP's 2015 candidate - "The changed rules allowing this interference state any decision in choosing a candidate is to be made jointly by the NEC and with the branch constituency concerned.

"No such discussions happened with Portsmouth South, where I have assisted the chairman and others in starting the branch and obtaining six councillors in the recent local elections from nothing before. The deselection was arbitrarily announced with no consultation or warning to branch chairman or myself."

"What hypocrisy! What anti-democracy shown by the party that declares it is the only truly democratic party in Britain. What has happened to Portsmouth South is in my opinion immoral, undemocratic, and deeply corrupt."

Denny stuck the knife in further and now seems to believe UKIP have no future in British politics, dramatically claiming - "Once a referendum is achieved, UKIP's original role is then finished. Its raison d'etra will then be extinct, and as a party it will fade into the obscurity of footnotes in history."