EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Candidate 'Disappointed' Havant Tories Didn't Pick a Local Candidate.

UKIP's John Perry

HAVANT UKIP candidate John Perry has today reacted for the first time since the selection of Alan Mak as the Conservatives candidate in 2015.

Mak was out on the campaign trail again over the weekend with local councillors and activists in Havant Town Centre, Emsworth and on Hayling Island but it's the fact that he's not local that UKIP's John Perry says is a disappointment.

Perry sensationally told TBG that he was "disappointed" at Havant Tories not picking a local candidate but instead going for a London based Yorkshireman.

"It is a very disappointing move", the UKIP candidate claimed.

Perry, who comes from Hayling Island, is confident of at least taking second spot in Havant but sources say that what's worrying the Tories is if UKIP replace Perry with "a big name."

In a sensational development tonight though, responding to TBG's source Perry said that if it was for the good of the party and the constituency "he wouldn't object."

"At the end of the day I am in politics to make Havant a better place for its citizens", Perry told TBG.