EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Branch in Turmoil as Parliamentary Candidate Sacked.

Denny sacked

CONTRARY to rumours earlier this week, the conroversial Douglas Denny has now been sacked as UKIP Candidate in Portsmouth South, TBG can exclusively reveal.

It's understood that the decsion was taken by the UKIP National Executive and that the favourite to succeed him is Raymond Finch who used to be Nigel Farage's right-hand-man and is now a South East MEP and Hampshire County Councillor, as revealed by TBG back in February.

It is understood that Denny has been sacked from a UKIP NEC role in the past, according to sources, but was elected as the candidate by the local branch last year.

However, one UKIP insider exclusively revealed to TBG yesterday - "I think a different UKIP candidate would put pressure on the very very weak Flick Drummond (Conservative) and Gerald Vernon Jackson (Lib Dem). There is meeting today to introduce him (Denny) as PPC, half the party are scrambling to stop this meeting taking place."

A spokesman for UKIP told TBG - "It’s nothing personal against him. He’s a long-standing member of the party – someone for whom I have a lot of respect."

"It’s a more routine event than it might otherwise feel. Internally we don’t see it as being serious or malicious or disciplinary. It’s simply a process which the party goes through."

Stuart Potter, branch chairman, told the Portsmouth News that he understood Mr Denny remained the candidate until The News notified him of a statement it had received from the party.

He said he was ‘not happy’ about the decision and top secret sources inside UKIP exclusively disclosed to TBG that Potter sensationally threatened to quit the Party if Denny was de-selected.

However, Potter told local rag Portsmouth News - "He would have been an exceedingly good candidate. We have put a lot of resources into Doug and got him known as the PPC. There’s been a lot of footwork done and he has been to meetings with us. It’s a bit of a shock, but we have to move forward."

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