EXCLUSIVE: Tory Turncoat Robin Hunter-Clarke Set to Replace Neil Hamilton in Boston & Skegness.

Robin Hunter-Clarke (right) with UKIP Leader Farage (left)

UKIP seem poised to sensationally announce that they've replaced a silverback with a wee pup. Former Tory councillor Robin Hunter-Clarke has apparently been selected by "85%" of the party's membership in Boston & Skegness to replace former Tory sleaze merchant Neil Hamilton as their Parliamentary Candidate, TBG can exclusively reveal.

TBG sources in the area point to local UKIP Chairman Hunter-Clarke, who quit Conservative Future for UKIP in 2012 which resulted in a subsiquent backlash after he'd referred to UKIP as a mere "pressure group", as the constituency chairman who has "selected himself".

"Who has a track record of getting people to withdraw their nominations when he wants something for himself" - said one UKIP member.

Hunter-Clarke is said to have been selected with 85% of vote which was held in a local boozer. But apparently Batemans brewery were absolutely enraged when they heard exactly what the event was for.

Another UKIP member revealed the ongoing war inside UKIP, commenting, "Democracy in action... NOT! Getting quite full of ex-Tories now."

But one rumour still doing the rounds includes a sitting Tory MP that could take the role as Boston & Skegness UKIP PPC.

UKIP say they'll announce the candidacy tomorrow, after the Rochester & Strood by-election result.