EXCLUSIVE: Racism Claims After Tory Abused & Refused Service at Local Bar.

THE STAGE, a pub in East Anglia last night sensationally refused to serve a hardworking Tory activist after telling him he was being "too loud", TBG can reveal.

The Tory in question was the only person of colour, other than European white, in the bar when he was shockingly was refused service without being accused of being too drunk, according to sources he was allegedly "sober as a judge".

After being told by bar staff he was "being too loud", refused service and threatened to be thrown out, he left the pub and continued festivities elsewhere at local establishments, free of abuse.

TBG approached the victim - "It's disgracful that this kind of thing can still happen in this day and age. I urge everyone to boycott this establisment as clearly they have neanderthals serving the port."

Other witnesses have told TBG - "I was being louder than him, simply shocking. Horrible people."

And, "I left out of principle and I don't even know the guy."

The Lincolnshire Pub/Hotel in question The Stage, Market Deeping, has been reported to the authorities, according to sources.