EXCLUSIVE: Now UKIP Dump Neil Hamilton as Boston & Skegness Candidate.

UKIP selection crisis rumbles on

HOT ON THE HEELS of Douglas Denny being de-selected in Portsmouth South leading to him denouncing the Party as "Imorral and Undemocratic", TBG has today learned that despite being democratically selected in Boston and Skegness the UKIP NEC are now apparently refusing to rubber-stamp former Tory sleaze merchant Neil Hamilton.

It's led to an outcry from members in a seat where UKIP have a huge opinion poll lead over the Conservatives according to Conservative Home.

UKIP claim that Neil Hamilton, who had the support of many leading members of UKIP in Boston and Skegness including Tory turncoat Cllr Robin Hunter Clarke, withdrew from his bid to be Boston and Skegness PPC "at the last minute".

Rumour has it that the powers that be in UKIP wouldn't have allowed him to run as candidate anyway.

Mystery now surrounds who actually is their PPC.